100 cm Sex Doll: the 9 best models in 2023

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On Climax Explorers, you will exclusively encounter benchmark models and accredited specialized vendors.

Each sex doll, brand, and reseller website has undergone thorough and rigorous examination by myself to consistently provide you with the best advice.

It's the same every time! Full of enthusiasm, you look for information on 100 cm sex dolls.


But soon you're disillusioned: there are too many sites, too many models, too many scams, too much of everything.

After 2 hours of combing through every possible doll, I felt even more lost than when I started my search.


Rest assured: you won't make the same mistake I did.


In this buying guide, you'll find 9 100 cm sex dolls that are benchmarks for their manufacturer and distributor.


All the links you'll find on Climax Explores lead to certified sellers with a proven track record in the love doll business. Let us guide you and make your purchase in complete safety!

100 cm sex doll buyer's guide

There are hundreds of models of 100 cm sex dolls.

How do you choose? What's the difference with a larger doll? Which are the best brands to manufacture and sell this type of model?


In this buying guide, I only present sex dolls measuring 100 cm. Not one more, not one less.


Each one has its own specific features, and I'll present them to you in this buying guide.

You'll find 9 models ranked from cheapest to most expensive, and all very popular in 2023.











Keep reading below to find out why I selected these models.

2 images of the same nude brunette doll


  • $850
  • Silicone
  • 4 lbs | 12 kg
  • Ultra Realistic
  • Affordable Price

Maria is a UFO among 100 cm sex dolls. She's extremely realistic at a very affordable price.

Juvenile in appearance, she's well-proportioned with lovely, bouncing breasts that keep a nice shape. You could almost mistake her for a real woman!

True to its photos, its featherweight allows you to easily change position (even the most difficult) and its 2 holes can accommodate any cock (even the biggest).

Her drawback? Very few customization options. This explains the price: this model is not made-to-measure for the customer.


Recommanded for :

  • First sex doll
  • Low budget
  • Slim size
  • Very limited customization

[Blonde] WM Doll - Violet

blonde lying on a bed with tits


  • $979
  • TPE
  • 14 lbs | 6,4 kg
  • Vaginal, Anal, Oral
  • Barbie style

Erika looks like Barbie. But beware. Beneath her innocent exterior lies a veritable sex machine.

Her big breasts and soft skin make cuddling comforting and make you forget a hard day's work in a matter of seconds.

Easy to handle and transport, you'll have no trouble dominating her and imposing your wildest sexual fantasies on her.

Her long blond hair makes doggy-style easier and reinforces that feeling of domination.


An excellent 100cm sex doll for beginners.


Recommended for :

  • First love doll
  • Alternative to strokers
  • Skinny
  • Hug addict
  • Low budget
3 images of a male torso of a sex doll with large penis


  • $999
  • TPE
  • 70 lbs | 32 kg
  • Muscular wolverine body
  • Mesmerizing eyes

Yes, there are also 100cm male sex dolls!

Here's the proof with Didier, a French swimming instructor inspired by the best-known films.

Suitable for homosexuals and bisexuals, this life-size torso has 2 advantages: you can use it actively with its anus and mouth, or passively with its big 25cm cock.


His piercing gaze and athletic musculature make him one of Iron Tech Doll's most popular dolls.

His abs are well-defined, and you'll enjoy jerking him off and giving him a well-deserved spanking!


Recommended for :

  • Gay
  • Anal and Oral
  • Hugh penis (25cm)
  • Passive and active

[Long Dark Hair] IronTech Doll – Eva

presentation image of a young sex doll


  • $1299
  • Silicone
  • 26 lbs | 12 kg
  • Top-quality silicone
  • No oral sex

Eva is a 100cm sex doll with many advantages.

She's made from high-end silicone, giving her a realistic look. It's easy to see from her face.


If you love kissing your doll, you can change the silicone to make it soft on the face. You'll lose a little realism, but the kissing sensation will be more intense.

Her curves have nothing to envy a real woman, and her long dark hair makes her look really sexy.


Customization options are plentiful, making this one of the best love dolls at this price!


In short, an excellent doll to have around the house, whether for wild sex, erotic scenarios or long cuddling sessions.


Recommended for :

  • Lovers of brunettes
  • Rough sex
  • Realistic body
  • Many customization options
BBW blonde doll with huge breasts


  • $1299
  • TPE
  • 50 lbs | 23 kg
  • Enormous breasts
  • All positions are possible

In love with HUGE breasts, you can't miss Camille.

Admire these 2 balloons. You could lose your head in them! You can easily masturbate in them and use them as a pillow.


Her big ass is also worth considering, although it's a bit small and tight.


I wouldn't recommend this doll as a first purchase, but for those looking for a new experience.

If you want to satisfy fantasies that are difficult to realize in real life, Camille will do it for you.


Recommended for :

  • Big boobs lovers
  • Fulfilling a fantasy
  • Discovering a new experience
  • Not recommended for a first sex doll

[Doggy Style] Piper Doll – Iris

Piper Doll elongated


  • $1329
  • TPE
  • 33 lbs | 15 kg
  • Big boobs (F-Cup)
  • Naughty and sexy

What's your favourite sexual position? Personally, it's doggy-style.

And that's why Iris is in this 100cm sex doll buying guide: she's perfect for this position!


She stays firmly in place, no matter how hard you push.

With her well-rounded ass, you'll have no trouble taking her in this position, either anally or vaginally.

Her large breasts make her a unique doll that you must try at least once in your life!


Recommended for :

  • Doggy style
  • Erotic scenarios
  • Manga lovers
  • Naughty and sexy

[Realist Make-Up] Piper Doll – Ariel

Young blonde nude doll


  • $1399
  • Silicone
  • 26 lbs | 12 kg
  • Realistic look
  • Lightweight

With her angelic face and blonde hair, Ariel just wants to be taken care of!

Her featherweight of 12kg means you can easily change her position and make love to her for hours on end.


Her voluminous breasts contrast with her sweet face, making her particularly exciting.

Although I find this model aesthetically pleasing and emotionally transcendent, you can personalize it as you wish. The options are endless.


Please note that only vaginal sex is possible.


Recommended for :

  • Erotic scenarios
  • Long cuddle session
  • Easy to move
  • All body sizes
blonde doll with flat chested


  • $1899
  • Silicone
  • 22 lbs | 18 kg
  • Small breasts (B-Cup)
  • Vaginal only

Elsa is a 100cm sex doll with a fairly flat torso.

Her body is realistic and resembles that of women you meet on the street.


It's a doll with the distinction of having an excellent lifespan, and is highly rated by its users.  This justifies its rather high price for a doll of this size.

If you're looking to indulge your fantasies, don't bother.


On the other hand, if you suffer from a lack of attention, Elsa is the ideal model.


Recommended for :

  • Long service life
  • Realistic body
  • Blonde lovers

[Torso] Sanhui

torso of a Chinese doll


  • $1919
  • Silicone
  • 55 lbs | 25 kg
  • Premium silicone
  • All positions

I'm ending this 100cm sex doll buyer's guide with a top-of-the-range torso from Sanhui.

She has no legs, but she does have arms.

The advantage? You can easily move it and hold it in a wide range of positions.


Her Asian features make her a particularly exciting doll, and her breasts are shaped from high-quality silicone. The resemblance to real tits is striking!

It's also one of the models with the most customization options.

If you're looking for a high-end torso that you'll keep for a long time, this is one of the best models sold by certified sellers.


Recommended for :

  • Long sex session
  • Rough and beastly sex
  • Easy to clean

Summary of the best 100cm Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Only Love Doll – Maria Realist Value for money $850
WM Doll – Erika Blonde Barbie style $979
Iron Tech - Didier Male Homo and Bisexual $999
Iron Tech – Eva Long Dark Hair Realistic Body $1299
Climax Doll – Camille BIG Boobs Fantasy $1299
Piper Doll - Iris Doggy Style Bestial Sex $1329
Piper Doll – Ariel Realist Make Up Erotic Hugs $1399
Piper Doll – Elsa B Slight Easy to switch positions $1899
Sanhui - Torso Torso High-quality silicone $1919

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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