Android 18 Sex Doll: Review of the 4 models (and where to buy them)

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Each sex doll, brand, and reseller website has undergone thorough and rigorous examination by myself to consistently provide you with the best advice.

Since 2015, DH 168 or Doll House 168 has been offering love dolls that are much appreciated by their customers. And that's why they're still present and well-known in the adult pleasure scene.

They've created 3 different doll series, offering major improvements each time based on customer feedback. They're truly committed to delivering a powerful, orgasmic sexual experience!


In their catalog, you won't find women you'd meet on the street.

You'll find more models that I call "Fantasy and Fantasia".

Inspired by Japanese style, particularly manga, Doll House 168 sex dolls are one-of-a-kind.


They perfectly resemble female characters from anime, hentai or manga like Dragon Ball.

Huge tits and asses, a face with big endearing eyes, a vagina that's tight and pleasurable to penetrate... there's something for everyone!

Today I'd like to introduce you to Lazuli, the Android 18 sex doll inspired by the famous manga Dragon Ball Z.

4,5 / 5

In short : An exciting doll faithful to the manga, available at all prices. Easily adaptable to your preferences: size, penis size, material preference. A must-have for everyone!

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 👍 I like ...

  • For all price ranges
  • 4 different models
  • Faithful to the Dragon Ball anime
  • TPE or Silicone

👎 I like less ...

  • Optional outfit (not included)
  • No model taller than 1m47
  • Not many customization options

There are 4 different models of Android 18 sex dolls. Their biggest difference is based on 4 criteria:

  • Price
  • Material
  • Dimensions (size and weight)
  • Customization options


You'll see that price doesn't just vary according to size.

And because they're produced in the same factory, there's no difference between the sensations of pleasure and touch, or the realism of their bodies.


By the end of this guide, you'll know:

  • The differences between all dolls
  • Where to buy the model that's right for you at the best price
  • The list of certified sites officially recognized by the manufacturer
Rating of the Android 18 Sex Doll
  • Texture & Touch
  • Sensation of pleasure
  • Clothing
  • Personalization
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Manufacturer
  • Delivery & Returns
  • Warranty


The strong point of the Android sex doll is its versatility. Whether you’re slim or strong, have a small or large penis, you’ll find a model to suit you among the 4.

Doll House 168 has made a real effort to offer both a silicone and a TPE erotic doll. In addition to its breathtaking realism, sensations of intimate pleasure and comforting touch, Android 18 is affordable with a first price of $1475.


I wasn't surprised when I saw that an Android 18 sex doll had been released.

What did surprise me was that this model can be customized in 4 ways that are extremely important for lovers of love dolls!

You can choose between 4 different sizes: from 135 to 147cm

You can choose between TPE or Silicone and I was immediately reassured to know that it was created by Doll House 168!


Quality-wise, you have nothing to worry about. It's made in the same factory that produces Doll Forever and Piper Doll love dolls.

Made from high-quality TPE or Silicone, this gives them a supple skin that's easily mistaken for that of a real woman.


This model is part of the EVO series. To put it simply, this makes this doll extremely modular and easier to use.

Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it later in this review of the Android 18 sex doll, but first you need to understand the difference between a doll made from TPE and one made from Silicone.

Texture & Touch

Before we talk about the difference between TPE and Silicone, here are the materials used for each model.


135cm : TPE

140cm : Silicone

145cm : TPE

147cm : Silicone


If you would like more information on the general differences (apart from size) between the 4 models, please consult my comparison chart.

The main differences between TPE and Silicone


Silicone is more expensive than TPE, which is reflected in the final selling price.

Winner : TPE



In general, silicone is heavier than TPE. This is not the case here. In proportion to their size, Android 18 sex dolls in silicone are lighter than those in TPE.

Lighter weight makes it easier to move the doll and put her in dominant sexual positions.

Winner: Silicone



TPE is a softer, more flexible material than Silicone. It feels more like a woman's body.

On the other hand, facial features are much more realistic with Silicone.

Pleasurable sensations are the same, but skin contact is different.

Winner: Equality


Heat retention:

If you snuggle up to your Android 18 sex doll, it will absorb heat. A TPE model will store it faster than a silicone model.

Winner: TPE


Shelf life:

As silicone is a more noble material, it keeps better. It's also more resistant and durable (especially during hectic sex sessions).

Winner: Silicone



Silicone is easier to clean than TPE. Semen washes off more easily, and silicone tends to naturally repel stains.

Winner: Silicone



Dolls lose their factory smell very quickly. After a few days out of the box, you'll smell nothing. But when opened, TPE smells stronger than Silicone, and this may slightly bother you.

Winner : Silicone

TPE vs Silicone: which material is better?

As you can see, there really isn't one material that's better than another. It all depends on how you're going to use your doll!


If you use your doll a lot and take good care of your stuff, silicone is more suitable.

If you're looking for a better sexual experience and enjoy long cuddles, you'll prefer TPE.


If you'd like to find out more about these materials, I recommend this short but excellent article that makes a detailed comparison between the two.

Sensation of pleasure with Android 18 Sex Doll

For this part, I personally asked Krilin to give me his opinion. After all, he knows best whether Android 18 gives him orgasms!

I'm going to focus on the orgasmic aspect of the love doll. Whether it's her voluminous breasts, her ass or her pussy, each model will be examined with a fine-tooth comb.

1) Android 18 bends over backwards for you

Thanks to its EVO skeleton, changing position is child's play. You can sit, lie down, stand up... Personally, I've never had a problem with Doll House 168 models.

When it comes to sex, the classic positions are easy to put her in, and it doesn't take much effort to turn her every which way.

And don't forget that the Android 18 sex doll is lightweight, which is a real plus when it comes to moving her around!

2) Generous breasts

I estimate the size of Android 18's breasts in Dragon Ball at a A/B cup.

Not a handicap when it comes to fighting Sangoku or Vegeta. But when it comes to sex, frustration can be the order of the day!


Fortunately, Android 18's sex doll doesn't have this problem.

E, F, G... there's something for everyone! These bra sizes are big, but still realistic.

Here's a summary by model:

135 cm : G

140 cm : E

145 cm : E

147 cm : F


The 135 cm doll is the least well-proportioned. She has gigantic tits compared to her body!

The others are particularly exciting. I recommend Gel-filled Breasts technology for bouncy boobies.

They'll bounce right back if you play with them!


You'll love licking them, making them bounce and why not use them to masturbate. They also make a great pillow!


They're also much more beautiful and realistic than in the photos.

3) Vaginal penetration: orgasmic!

Of the 3 holes, this is my favorite. The sensations are really real and reaching orgasm is almost easier than with a real woman!

Doll House has set the bar very high. They really wanted to create an exceptional sex doll that adapts to its customers.


I'll spill the beans: the inside of the vagina is customizable.

Yes, you read that right. It's simply incredible. Very few sex dolls are this customizable!


Here are my recommendations:

Texture 7: Penis curved upwards

Texture 8: Long penis

Texture 9: Thin penis

Texture 10: Wide penis


If you'd like a particular vagina shape, only The Doll Chanel & Sexdoll-Shop offer this option.

And unfortunately, they only sell 3 models:


135 cm :

- The Doll Channel

- Sexdolls Shop


140 cm :

- Sexdolls Shop


145 cm :

- The Doll Channel

4) Tighter anal penetration

The 135cm, 145cm and 147cm models have an anal depth of 16 cm.

That's pretty big compared with the other sex dolls offered by Doll House 168.


Only the 140cm model has a depth of 13cm.

This can be slightly small if you have a big cock.


Like the vagina, the interior is irregular and squiggly. The sensations are different and just as pleasurable because the hole is tighter.


It can be a little difficult to get in the first time, especially if you don't have any lubricant. But once inside, the hole heats up very quickly and the sensations are divine.

5) Oral penetration not available on all models

What a shame! On the silicone-based models (140 and 147cm), there are no holes for oral sex.


If you're a deep-throat addict, you'll have to choose the 135cm or 145cm doll.

The depth is 14cm, which is enough to see your dick being engulfed by the strongest cyborg in the galaxy.


To be honest with you, that's not this doll's strong point. There are other models optimized for oral sex.

Android 18 Sex Doll Dimensions

I've created a table summarizing the dimensions of each model.

  135 cm 140 cm 145 cm 147 cm
Weight 57 lbs - 26 kg 50.7 lbs - 23 kg 61.7 lbs - 28 kg 55 lbs – 25 kg
Shoulder 30 cm 28 cm 34 cm 36 cm
Bust 88 cm 67 cm 76 cm 81 cm
Waist 46.7 cm 44.5 cm 50 cm 53 cm
Hip 75.5 cm 78 cm 80 cm 88 cm
Length of Foot 17 cm 19cm 19 cm 20 cm
Depth of Oral 14 cm No 14 cm No
Depth of Vaginal 18 cm 15 cm 18 cm 16 cm
Depth of Anal 16 cm 13 cm 16 cm 16 cm

The notable differences are in anal and vaginal depth; in addition to proposing a hole at mouth level for fellatio. The 135 cm and 145 cm love dolls have the deepest holes, with 18cm for vaginal and 16cm for anal.


On the other hand, these are the heavier models (due to the TPE). So they'll be a little harder to handle.

Still, the weight remains light, especially when compared to the larger dolls, all of which exceed 35kg.

If, like me, you have a slim build and love blow jobs, the 140cm model is an excellent compromise.

If you're on a slightly smaller budget, I'd recommend the 135cm model.


For people who like rough sex that lasts for hours, silicone is more suited to your needs.

If you've got a big penis, go for the 147cm model. If you have a normal penis, the 140cm doll will suit you perfectly.

That convinced me!

Android 18 sex doll with EVO skeleton

Doll House 168 listens to its customers. And that's a quality I particularly appreciate.

They've created a new series of dolls based on their feedback. That's how the EVO series came about, with improvements that make it even more comfortable to use.


On the Android 18 erotic doll, for example, Doll House has improved the range of movement, especially in the shoulders and hips.

It's easier to change position and overall mobility has been improved.

A model that lets you choose between TPE and Silicone

It's a war that's raging on the forums! Which is the better material between the two? The answer is simple: it depends on how you use your sex doll!


In the meantime, you can choose between the 2 materials with Android 18.

That's something you don't often see on the same model!

Clothing & Accessories

You'll have to be on your guard here, as certified sellers are not entirely clear on this point!


No, clothes are not included with the love doll.

On some sites, you can add Premium outfits. But the emblematic Android 18 outfit is not included.

So you'll have to buy it from another site. Fortunately, cosplay is popular, and there are plenty of it!


You can find different sizes on Ali Express, or make your own!


Personally, I have my preference... The Android 18 sex doll with her Cyborg arc clothes are my favorite!

If you'd like to dress her in a different way, I'd recommend a size XS, or even teenage models, as the doll is quite small.

Customize the Android 18 Sex Doll

If you're looking for an erotic doll that looks like a manga character, you don't want to change everything, like her eye color, hair or make-up.

That's why I find the customization simple, but correct.


Compared to other models like Lara Croft or Jolyne from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there aren't as many options, but the main thing is there.


Vagina, eye colors, nails, pubes... depending on the site and the model, your choice will be more or less.

If you'd like to know all the differences in personalization between 140cm models, please consult my comparison chart.


If you want to modify your Andoid 18 sex doll a lot, I recommend the 140cm model sold by Sex Doll Shop: it's the most complete.


I recommend that you always clean your erotic doll after giving it a taste of your semen. But let's face it, sometimes we forget, or we're just lazy!

If cleaning your sex doll is a real chore and you don't do it systematically, choose a Silicone model.


TPE models require more care and more thorough cleaning than Silicone models.

Based on my own experience, it's easier and more pleasant to clean a Silicone love doll.


A little tip: using a lubricant and a cleaning pack will not only make your life easier, but will also keep your doll in good condition for years to come!

Verdict: is the Android 18 Sex Doll right for you?

My review of the Android 18 sex doll is fairly positive.


The fact that Doll House offers this model in 4 different versions makes it possible to satisfy a large number of people. This is a rare feature that should be highlighted.

Among other things, it allows you to own a doll with oversized or realistic shapes. Happiness is guaranteed.


Realism is limited on the less expensive 135cm and 145cm models, but sexual sensations are guaranteed.


If you've always dreamed of being in Krilin's shoes, the Android 18 sex doll will make your fantasy come true with ease.

Rather light compared with other models, the doll is easy to handle and can be turned over in a wide range of positions thanks to its EVO skeleton.


Whether you want to fuck her, cuddle her or simply have some company in bed at night, you'll easily find what you're looking for.

I personally prefer the 140cm model, as it's the lightest and its vagina is easy to change.


From $1475 to $2399, this is a doll that will obviously appeal to Dragon Ball Z fans and men who like to dominate strong-willed women.

135 cm 140 cm 145 cm 147 cm
Weight 57 lbs - 26 kg 50.7 lbs - 23 kg 61.7 lbs - 28 kg 55 lbs – 25 kg
Shoulder 30 cm 28 cm 34 cm 36 cm
Bust 88 cm 67 cm 76 cm 81 cm
Waist 46.7 cm 44.5 cm 50 cm 53 cm
Hip 75.5 cm 78 cm 80 cm 88 cm
Length of Foot 17 cm 19cm 19 cm 20 cm
Depth of Oral 14 cm No 14 cm No
Depth of Vaginal 18 cm 15 cm 18 cm 16 cm
Depth of Anal 16 cm 13 cm 16 cm 16 cm

Where to buy Android 18 Sex Doll ?

All the sellers I recommend are certified.

You can find Android 18 Sex Doll on the following sellers' websites:

If you want a doll that's true to Dragon Ball and you're on a budget, The Doll Channel is the best option for you.

If you want lots of customization options and faster delivery, I recommend Sex Dolls Shop.

Comparison table of the 3 official sellers (140cm)

The Doll Chanel My Robot Doll Sexdolls


Price 2099$ 2450$ 2799$
Skin color No Yes Yes
Eye Color No No Yes
EVO Skeleton Yes Yes +$49.99
Gel-filled Breasts Yes Yes +$70
Areola Color & Size No No Yes
Removable Vagina No No No
Pubic Hair +$49.99 No +$75
Labia Color No No Yes
Vagina Texture No No Yes
Articulated Finger Joints No +$149 No
Fingernails No No Yes
Toenails No No Yes
Bolt heads on feets Yes Yes Yes
Outfit Premium +$79.99 +$55-75 Yes (2)
Extra Eyes No No +$25
Extra Wigs +$34.99 +$29 Yes
2nd Extra Head +$35 No No
Flight Case +$399 +$899 +$899
Accessoires No Yes No
Bondage Kit No No +$59


The Android 18 Sex Doll is rated 5/5 by over 5 certified customers on the manufacturer's website.


Ask me all your questions and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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