Updated on October 09, 2023

FunWest Doll

FunWest Doll was established in 2021 and quickly became one of the leading players in the Chinese market for sex dolls.
In the face of China's declining reputation, they seized the opportunity to stand out by creating dolls based on the customer experience and the individual desires of each person.

Their most well-known dolls fall into the fantasy genre while maintaining a high level of realism. All dolls are handcrafted according to the specific needs of their customers and with high-quality materials. In other words, each doll is unique.

FunWest Doll Buyer's Guide

8 Best-sellers | Body ; A-K Cup ; TPE | $1199 - $1669

FunWest Doll Reviews

Jolyne | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ; Small Boobs ; Ultimate Customization | $1299 - $1669