Top 10 most orgasmic Chubby and Fat Sex Dolls in 2023

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On Climax Explorers, you will exclusively encounter benchmark models and accredited specialized vendors.

Each sex doll, brand, and reseller website has undergone thorough and rigorous examination by myself to consistently provide you with the best advice.

I bet you're attracted to fat women. Women with a wasp waist who take care of their bodies aren't for you.


The problem?


When you're looking for sex dolls, you can't find any. Fat sex dolls are rare.

And that's normal. 99% of people who buy a sex doll want a young, slim, sexy woman.


That's the norm. That's all you find.


And it bores you.

When is someone going to think of you, who don't have the fantasies of an 18-year-old or an old pervert?


You're tired of always seeing the same models: thin with huge breasts.


Fortunately, there's a well-hidden sub-category of chubby and fat sex dolls.


In this buying guide, I present the 10 that caught my eye the most.

Discover my selection of the 10 best chubby and fat sex dolls.


Here's how I did it:

  • I listed over 50 models of big sex dolls.
  • I removed dolls that weren't big enough.
  • I've eliminated scams and dubious sites
  • I removed models with bad reviews
  • I removed low-end models with poor value for money


In the end, there were 10 left.


I've listed them according to price: from cheapest to most expensive.


Before you discover them, I've got 2 pieces of good news for you:

  • You won't be ripped off by one of these sellers.
  • I know scams when I see them. I've spent hours studying every site that sells large sex dolls. The sellers I recommend are all certified and well-known.
  • I save you time and money.
    Among the different sellers, the same model can triple in price! I've selected the best price for you.


[CHEAPEST] SY Doll – Sabrina


  • $1099
  • TPE
  • 152 cm | 37 kg – 81.6 lbs
  • Easy to dress
  • Realistic make-up

Sabrina is a chubby sex doll offering excellent value for money.


As well as being relatively light for a model in this category, she's perfect for beginners and those wishing to buy their first doll.


With her naughty make-up, inviting, orgasmic holes and bouncy ass and breasts, Sabrina is sure to delight.


Whether you want to fuck her wildly or cuddle her all night long, she'll satisfy your every desire!


Remember, this is a large, entry-level sex doll.

You may find it difficult to handle and change her position. You may be frustrated the first few times you use her, as Sabrina will still be rigid.


Don't panic, this will disappear with time and you'll quickly get the hang of it.


Although it's possible, I wouldn't recommend it for oral sex. Unless you have a slender penis, it's a bit difficult to get it into your mouth.


Recommended for :

  • First purchase
  • Bouncy breasts, ass and thighs
  • Long sex session
  • Doggy style

[LUSCIOUS LIPS] Aibei Doll – Lola


  • $1499
  • TPE
  • 162 cm | 49 kg – 108 lbs
  • Lots of customization options
  • Latina style

Lola is a Latina woman with a beautiful body.


Some people say that fat girls make the best partners.


I don't consider her obese, but chubby. Her curves are well defined:

  • You enjoy a body with beautiful curves
  • Without seeing the fat on her belly.


She's a model I recommend for sex or companionship in bed.


Her luscious lips make her a model of choice for those who love kisses!

You can also go further, as its oral depth is 13 cm.


Recommended for :

  • Kisses
  • Chubby lovers
  • Vaginal, anal and oral sex

[BIG CURVES] WM Doll – Jasmine


  • $1839
  • H-Cup
  • 163 cm | 106.9 lbs – 48.5 kg
  • Highly rated
  • Huge tits and ass

Jasmina is the most famous of all fat sex dolls. Brought to the fore by Ryan Davis, her big tits and big ass have made her a household name.


Created by WM Doll, the pioneering brand and market leader in sex dolls, she's a woman to put in everyone's hands!
You'll rediscover what sex is all about.


Highly rated by over 40 customers, this fat sex doll will keep you busy for hours. Extremely horny, you'll enjoy filling each of her orifices with your cock.


This fat sex doll has a proven track record, and nothing can spoil its reputation.


Recommended for :

  • Strong people
  • Lovers of curvy women
  • Those looking for the model presented by Ryan Davis


  • $1884
  • TPE
  • 163 cm | 45 kg – 99 lbs
  • F-Cup
  • Naughty eyes

I consider Prisca to be a UFO.


She had nothing to please:

  • Mischievous look
  • Relatively old appearance
  • Short hair


And yet, it's a model that sells well among BBW fans!


Behind her pretty glasses hides a woman of character who wants to recapture her former youth and is ready to swallow miles of cock.

Her big tits and bouncy ass make her an excellent model for chubby lovers.


Whether you're 30 or 60, whether you want to fuck her every night or put her in your bed beside you to sleep, Prisca will accompany you in the best possible way.


Recommended for :

  • Seniors
  • Long hug session
  • BBW lovers
  • Juicy curves


  • $1890
  • TPE and Silicone head
  • 161 cm | 53 kg – 117 lbs
  • Obese
  • H-Cup

Starpery hit the market with this model.

They've managed to create a large, extremely realistic sex doll.


Yes, Amy can be considered obese.


This is a far cry from the conventional standards usually found in sex dolls, such as fat asses with slim bodies.

Here, love handles protrude from her belly and her ass has a few extra kilos.


But after all, that's why you're reading this, isn't it?


What I find incredible is the elasticity of her body.

Starpery has succeeded in reproducing human skin extremely well, and it's pleasant to the touch.


I'm not going to hide the fact that, as with obese people, doggy style can be a little difficult.

Fortunately, with a little practice, you'll have no problem.


Recommended for :

  • Strong people
  • Lovers of big women
  • Fulfilling a fantasy
  • Realistic body

[BIG BOOBS] YL Doll – Fatima


  • $1920
  • TPE
  • 160 cm | 39.5 kg – 87 lbs
  • Realistic body with plenty of detail
  • M-Cup

We often hear that thin men prefer fat women.

Fatima is an exception to the rule. Whether you're obese yourself or not, she's above all a role model for sex addicts.


I'm not going to beat around the bush: if you're not there to cum in every one of her holes, you won't be exploiting her full potential.


YL Doll created it for just this purpose: to satisfy its customers' wildest desires and fantasies.


Big tits, realistic body, resistant to long penetration sessions... whether your dick is 10cm or 25cm, you'll love it.


The only question I've got for you is, what position are you going to fuck her in?


Because yes, its titanium skeleton means you can put it in lots of positions.

Even positions impossible for a real woman! With Fatima, you can look her in the eye doggy-style without risking damaging her.


Recommended for :

  • Big-breasted lovers
  • Bestial sex
  • Frequent use
  • Long life span

[REALISTIC] WM Doll – Anjou


  • $2099
  • Matière
  • 158 cm | 41 kg – 90 lbs
  • Mature face
  • Realistic body style

Anjou literally has the body of a woman you might pass down the block from your apartment building.

Slightly overweight, slightly sagging breasts, normal-sized buttocks...


It's simple: it's a true-to-life model.

No oversized breasts, no wasp waist, no 110cm ass.


Here, everything is normal. Anjou has a realistic body.


There are pros and cons:

  • No, you may not be able to fulfill your wildest fantasies.
  • Yes, it reinforces the feeling of REALLY FUCKING a real woman.


It's a great model for people who are lonely and need company.


You can put her in your bed or sit her in an armchair.

She'll fill the void your ex-wife has left, or keep you company in the most difficult of times.


More than just a comfort, Anjou is a real weapon against loneliness, and I've read that many users have never had sex with her.


Recommended for :

  • Long hugs
  • Lonely people
  • True-to-life form


  • $2199
  • TPE
  • 135 cm | 50 kg – 110 lbs
  • Small size
  • Polyvalent

Steffy is a large, versatile fat sex doll.


If you're looking for your first chubby doll, this is the model I'd recommend:

  • She's small (135cm), which is a good size to start with.
    Whether you're short or tall, you'll find it easy to take pleasure and have otherworldly orgasms.
  • Its deep holes adapt easily to the size of your cock


So yes, we're talking high-end models at over $2000, but I don't find this price exorbitant.


She's a chubby sex doll with a big ass that's satisfying to slap.
She loves to be spanked, and believe me, you're going to love spanking her.


BBW fans, Steffy is for you!


Recommended for :

  • First purchase
  • All sizes
  • All dick sizes
  • BBW lovers


  • $2399
  • TPE
  • 166 cm | 60 kg – 133 lbs
  • B-Cup
  • Realistic body

Bonita is my favorite on this list.


Realistic body, appreciable breast size, orgasmic penetration sensations and realistic skin thanks to its elasticity... the list goes on.


Bonita has a huge advantage: its holes are extremely deeeeep: 20cm for the vagina and anus.

That's huge for a big sex doll!


If you've got an enormous cock, Bonita is sure to delight you.

She'll take a beating from your monster with ease.


Believe me, you'll stop before she does!


Her biggest drawback is her weight: 60 kg (133 lbs).

Suffice it to say, it's not for everyone. A sex doll is considered big from 40kg upwards.


You need strength to move her, and if you like to keep changing positions to fuck her, this isn't a model I'd recommend.


Recommended for :

  • Big cocks
  • Strong people
  • Plump woman lovers
  • Many customization options


  • $2399
  • Silicone
  • 166 cm | 70 kg – 154 lbs
  • Obese
  • Big ass and big tits

Anastasia is the biggest sex doll on this list. 70 kg (154 lbs) on the scale! That's the weight of a real woman.


This has its advantages:

  • Her skin is extremely soft and silky thanks to high-quality silicone
  • It stays firmly in place; perfect for fucking her wildly in the same position for a long time.
  • She'll suit big, strong people; more than a doll with a classic weight


But there are drawbacks too:

  • You need to be strong to change position
  • You need to be an experienced user to tame it
  • Delivery takes a long time, as the doll is shipped by boat.
  • If you have back problems, you could injure yourself.


Please note that with a silicone model, oral sex is not possible.
There are many differences between TPE and silicone; but one is not better than the other.


Recommended for :

  • Very strong person
  • Sex in the same position
  • Long cuddling session
  • Experienced user

Summary of the best Chubby and Fat Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
SY Doll – Sabrina Cheapest First Purchase $1099
Aibei Doll – Lola Luscious Lips Kiss $1449
WM Doll – Jasmine Big Curves High Rating $1839
WM Doll – Prisca Blonde BBW Lovers $1884
Starpery – Amy MILF Cuddling $1890
YL Doll – Fatima Big Boobs Sex Addict $1920
WM Doll – Anjou Realistic Lonely People $2099
CLM Doll – Steffy Big Ass 135 cm $2199
JY Doll – Bonita Curvy Big Dick $2399
JY Doll – Anastasia Asian Big Weight $2399


All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


Did you not find the answer to your question?

Ask me all your questions and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


All have undergone a thorough study of several hours on my part

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