10 Animal Sex Dolls every Furry Addict should try

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At last!

It's been a few years since sex dolls were democratized, and I can finally tell you.

YES, it's possible to find furry sex dolls in 2023!


It's been frustrating: we had hentai, furry virtual reality porn sites, sex dolls of all kinds...


But something was missing... To be able to savagely fuck an animal doll and satisfy our fantasies.


I've spent hours tracking down the best models and compiled them in one place. It wasn't easy, but I'm very proud of the result.


You won't be disappointed with this orgasmic journey!

By reading this article, I'm saving you a lot of time:

  • I've weeded out the visually-horrible models
  • I've taken all the fake sellers off the list (so you can be sure you're not walking into a trap).
  • I've kept the sites of official sellers offering the best price for the same model.


Furry fans, your wish is about to be granted. In addition to jerking off to hentai, you can now cum directly into your favorite characters.


Cat, rabbit, horse, fox and even butterfly.  In this buying guide, I've put together the best furry sex dolls available online.


[CAT] YL Dolls – Ahri


[CAT] Elsa Babe – Kako Motoko


[RABBIT] Elsa Babe – Aida Rina 1


[HORSE] Climax Doll – Maureen


[HORSE] Climax Doll – Lili


[FOX] Aotume - Naomi


[FOX] Elsa Babe – Inujima


[FOX] Elsa Babe – Yuki


[FOX] Elsa Babe – Zana


[BUTTERFLY] YL Dolls – Dina


Keep reading below to find out why I selected these models.


  • $1799
  • TPE
  • 148 cm | 70.5 lbs – 32 kg
  • Fast Shipping
  • Silky Smooth Human like skin

Although sold as a fox, I personally think this sex doll looks like a cat.


With her fur, long black tail and make-up, Ahri is a model we're not used to seeing.


3 holes, realistic skin, high-end TPE. She's a perfect sex doll for a first purchase.


I particularly liked her intense look and the fast delivery.


Recommended for :

  • Vaginal, Anal and Oral sex
  • Fox / Cat lovers
  • Ahri League of Legends lovers


  • $2150
  • Premium Silicone
  • 148 cm | 55.1 lbs – 25 kg
  • Anime style
  • Choice of breast size

Kako is straight out of a Japanese anime or hentai.


Her big eyes, welcoming mouth and feline appearance are no accident!


If, like me, you're relatively small and your strength is limited, I can't recommend her enough! Kako is easy to wear and to change positions.


Oh yes, I almost forgot! You can choose the size of her breasts! Small tangerines or big watermelons, the choice is yours.


Recommended for :

  • Blonde lovers
  • Long service life
  • All positions
  • Slim Shape


  • $2050
  • Premium Silicone
  • 150 cm | 60.6 lbs – 27.5 kg
  • Brown wig
  • Kimono outfit

Aida is one of Elsa Babe's bestsellers.


Is it her rabbit-like appearance or her sly, mischievous face? I think it's something else. It's a model that's extremely customizable.


Face, body, accessories, colors... there are so many options compared to other models.


But that's not all.


You can even choose the inside of her vagina! Tentacle, tongue, woman's pussy...


Manufacturers have understood: a furry sex doll must be able to provide sensations that are supposed to be imaginary.


Recommended for :

  • Vaginal, Anal and Oral
  • Rabbit-Human Lovers
  • Medium Breasts Lovers
  • Lots of customization options


  • $559
  • Silicone
  • 60 cm | 7.7 lbs – 3.5 kg
  • Affordable price
  • Very light

When I did my research, I was surprised by 2 things:

  • Yes, horse-fur sex dolls do exist.
  • Yes, they sell well!


Maureen is a good example: small, light, affordable. She's got it all.


If you like her looks, know that her feet are clogs and she has a ponytail. Her biggest drawback is that only vaginal penetration is possible.


Recommended for :

  • Small apartment
  • Slim person
  • Only vaginal intercourse
  • Big Boobs Lovers


  • $1299
  • TPE
  • 140 cm | 86 lbs – 39 kg
  • Huge nipples
  • Feet, tail and horse head

Lili is another horse model very different from the first.


It's simple:

  • She's 140cm tall
  • She's made of TPE
  • She has the proportions of a horse.
  • She has 2 holes: you can fuck her from behind.
  • It costs more


Look at the size of its breasts! You could lose your way inside.


I don't need to mention the size of her nipples. If you love nibbling, sucking and kneading them, this horse model is much more suited to you than the first.


Recommended for :

  • Horses Human Lovers
  • Big But Lovers
  • Vaginal and Anal
  • Playing with nipples and breasts


  • $1350
  • TPE or Silicone
  • 135 cm | 39 lbs – 17.6 kg
  • Lots of custom options
  • Manga and anime style

This model is straight out of the most popular mangas or hentai. Her clear, endearing eyes are perfect for making you feel less lonely at home.


Naomi is a mini furry sex doll. She is 135cm tall and weighs less than 20 kilos. An excellent size/weight ratio that will appeal to those with difficulty carrying heavy objects!


She has a distinctive fox tail and ears, as well as warm, cozy holes.


Important thing to note: you can choose between a TPE or silicone doll! It's extremely rare to have this choice. That's why Naomi deserves its place in this guide to buying animal sex dolls.


There are many differences between TPE and Silicone. Here, the Aotume brand gives you the choice.


Recommended for :

  • Slim person
  • Fox Lovers
  • People who feel lonely
  • People who attach importance to face


  • $1539
  • TPE (Body) and Silicone (Head)
  • 150 cm | 70.5 lbs – 32 kg
  • Big Boobs
  • Lots of custom options

We're tackling some heavyweight stuff with Inujima by Elsa Babe.


It's a hybrid model with two levels:

  • Her body is made of TPE and her face of silicone.
  • She's a half-woman, half-fox love doll


Sex fans, you're going to love her! Inujimavous will give you a run for your money with her big breasts and deep holes.


Her tough body can take anything, even beastly sex. There's plenty of satisfaction to be had from pulling her red mane, especially doggy-style.


And if the size of her big tits doesn't suit you, no problem. You can change their size at no extra charge.


She's a complete fox furry sex doll and one of the best in 2023. Customer feedback is all very positive, especially on the realism of her skin.


Recommended for :

  • Red Head Lovers
  • Furry Sex Doll Lovers
  • All positions
  • Bestial Sex


  • $2050
  • Silicone
  • 150 cm | 60.6 lbs – 27.5 kg
  • Small hole depth
  • Light Animal sex doll

Yuki is a beautiful model.


Visually, it's beyond reproach for fox fans. Small ears, a well-designed muzzle, a fox tail true to the animal... and above all its eyes!


You just want to devour it on the spot! That look that expresses both tenderness and submission is particularly exciting.


She's a furry sex doll, but she can also be used for long cuddles and to create erotic scenarios.


For me, it's the doll that best combines the fur and manga styles. Its only flaw is that its vaginal and anal holes could be deeper. If you have a huge penis, I recommend you buy some water-based lubricant to increase pleasure.


There are often special free features with this doll, such as articulated hands or bouncing gel in the buttocks. Enjoy!


Recommended for :

  • Long cuddles in bed
  • People who feel lonely
  • Realistic body
  • Don't make sex a priority


  • $2299
  • Silicone
  • 165 cm | 68.3 lbs – 31.5 kg
  • Mischievous eyes
  • Choice of breast size

When I think of a fox-like sex doll, I imagine a devious, naughty and slightly mischievous model.


The kind of doll with whom I can fulfill only my wildest, most secret fantasies.


Introducing Zana, the best-selling animal sex doll. And understandably so.


Slim and elegant, with well-proportioned tits and ass, and an animal face you'll want to cover with cum...


For sex addicts, Zana is the ideal model. She's very durable (even during long, wild sex sessions) and is suitable for BDSM.


Despite her 31 kg, you can easily change her position and the range of her legs is excellent. You can also choose the inside of her vagina from several different models (tentacle, realistic vagina, tongue, fellatio...).


I wouldn't recommend this doll to beginners or as a first purchase.


Recommended for :

  • Furry Sex Doll Lovers
  • BDSM
  • Beastly, brutal sex
  • Frequent sexual relations

[BUTTERFLY] YL Dolls – Dina


  • $1739
  • TPE
  • 148 cm | 70 lbs – 32 kg
  • Very deep holes
  • Free Take Care Kit

Would you like to make love to a fairy? It's possible with this new model from YL Dolls. Before doing my research, I didn't know you could find erotic dolls with wings!


Also known as "The Sex Angel", Dina is slender, supple and charming, with large breasts.


Her greatest asset, apart from her divine wings? The depth of her holes. 17cm for anal and vaginal, 15 for oral.


She's an extremely sexy model, inspired by models. If you like full-figured women, I wouldn't recommend ordering Dina.


What I loved? The finishes on her skin resemble those of a real woman, and the many customization options.


Recommended for :

  • Big, wide penis
  • Frequent use
  • Lovers of winged women
  • Any positions
  • Big Boobs Lovers

Summary of the best animal and furry sex dolls

 Sex Doll  Animal / Furry  Special feature Price
YL Dolls – Ahri Cat Fast Shipping $1799
Elsa Babe – Kako Motoko Cat Choice of breast size $2150
Elsa Babe – Aida Rina 1 Rabbit Kimono Outfit $2050
Climax Doll – Maureen Horse Affordable price $559
Climax Doll – Lili Horse Huge nipples $1299
Aotume - Naomi Fox TPE or Silicone $1350
Elsa Babe – Inujima Fox Bestial Sex $1539
Elsa Babe – Yuki Fox Lonely People $2050
Elsa Babe – Zana Fox Choice of breast size $2299
YL Dolls – Dina Butterfly Free Take Care Kit $1739

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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All have undergone a thorough study of several hours on my part

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