Japanese sex dolls turn you on? Find the right one for you (10 models)

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Not easy, is it?


Finding a Japanese sex doll.

And I mean a real one. Not some $600 knockoff on Ali Express.


There are so many different seller sites out there, it's hard to know where to look.


In this 2024 buyer's guide, I've put together the 10 best models available.


Whether you're looking to fulfill a fantasy, have Japanese company in your bed, for sexual fulfillment or to fill a void, you'll find what you're looking for.

Each of the 10 Japanese sex dolls has different characteristics.


Whether it's their weight, price, size or material, they're all excellent models and among the best available in 2024.


I've ranked them from cheapest to most expensive, taking care to list all their specific features.


Ready to discover my buying guide for Japanese sex dolls?


  • $1149
  • Silicone
  • 65 cm | 28 kg – 61.7 lbs
  • E-Cup
  • Lots of customization options

Yearndoll isn't a household name, even though it's one of the best manufacturers of sex torsos around.


With its beautiful curves, curvy buttocks and big breasts, this torso will never let you down!

You can choose from 15 different faces, each with a precise finish and realistic details. The eyes are always deep and intense.

Easy to move, you can turn this Japanese sex doll every which way and try out numerous sexual positions.


Please note, however, that oral sex is not possible.


Finally, there are plenty of customization options. And that's a pleasure!

At this price, you can treat yourself to a quality love doll that will serve you for years to come.


Recommended for :

  • First Purchase
  • Low Budget
  • Romantic or wild sex
  • Make love all over the house


  • $1593
  • TPE
  • 153 cm | 31.5 kg – 69.5 lbs
  • C-Cup
  • Vaginal, Anal and Oral

It's easy to see why Kacey is WM Doll's best-selling Japanese sex doll.


Kacey is so realistic! Her sweet, innocent face makes you want to take care of her and relive our youthful love affairs.

She's a model I'd recommend for beginners or those suffering from loneliness.


Sex-wise, she's close to perfection. Her vaginal lips are well defined and resemble those of a real woman.

You can dominate her through any of her 3 deep holes, whether you have a small or huge penis.


Please note that Kacey is quite small. If you're tall, you might have difficulty in certain sexual positions.


In any case, this is a complete Japanese sex doll that will appeal more to those who want to accompany their day (and night) with a gorgeous woman.


Recommended for :

  • Versatile
  • A return to adolescence
  • Small and big cocks
  • Cuddles, sex, company



  • $1739
  • TPE
  • 165 cm | 41 kg – 90 lbs
  • F-Cup
  • Detailed areola, labia and anus

If you're looking for a doll just for sex, you won't be disappointed!


Gia stands out from other Japanese sex dolls in 2 ways:

  • She has huge breasts
  • Her private parts are detailed to the extreme


Making her taste your cum is a real pleasure, and seeing her ass and breasts bounce with each stroke of her loins gives you an immense sense of domination.


If you like attention to detail and hours of play with elastic breasts that spring back into place, Gia is for you.

It's a rather large model (165cm) that will suit taller people.


I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a first purchase, as its size and weight require a little experience to get the hang of.


Recommended for :

  • Sex, sex and sex !
  • Cosplay
  • Erotic scenarios
  • Tall men


  • $1740
  • TPE
  • 155 cm | 34 kg – 75 lbs
  • D-Cup
  • Versatile

If you like curvy women with beautiful curves and more than generous feminine assets, you'll love Adelaide.

She's a Japanese sex doll with the advantage of a big ass.


But be careful, it's well-proportioned!

Her appearance remains realistic and her figure attractive.


She's an excellent love doll for sodomy and doggy-style. I particularly think it's a shame that YL Dolls didn't give her long hair - it would have been a treat to be able to hold her hair doggy-style!


Adelaide also has a beautiful pair of bouncing breasts.

All this for less than 35 kilos! That's an excellent weight considering her dimensions.


You can dominate her by mouth, vagina or anus. The 3 holes are quite deep and different from each other.

If you're looking for a "3-in-1" Japanese sex doll to experience sex in a different way, go for it!


Recommended for :

  • Lovers of beautiful shapes
  • Sodomy
  • Doggy style
  • Looking for a new experience



  • $1749
  • TPE
  • 148 cm | 23 kg – 51 kg
  • Anal, Vaginal and Oral
  • Best Seller

Lana is the lightest Japanese sex doll in this buying guide.

She's ideal for slim people who have difficulty lifting heavy loads.


Thanks to its excellent size/weight ratio, Lana is a best-selling model with an extremely high rating.


She's a much-loved doll because she's versatile and can be used in so many different ways: sex, cosplay, nocturnal companionship or simply to comfort you after a long day's work.


You'll enjoy filling one of her 3 deep holes and playing with her beautiful pair of breasts.


Finally, customization options are plentiful and after-sales service is excellent.

Your questions will never go unanswered!


Recommended for :

  • Easy to change positions
  • Sex all over the house
  • Cuddles and nocturnal companionship
  • Skinny man


  • $1799
  • TPE
  • 150 cm | 24,5 kg – 54 lbs
  • Expressive face
  • Light Weight

Akira will appeal to all fans of manga and Japanese animation!


She fulfills all the criteria of a beautiful waifu: endearing, realistic and innocent face, a pair of breasts and a gorgeous ass... you'll love taking care of Akira!


She's a fairly light doll that stays put, even if you're a fan of rough, beastly sex.


Her only flaw is her breasts: I find them too small. It fits well in the hand and is bouncy, but this can be slightly frustrating for big-breasted lovers.


This is a Japanese sex doll I'd recommend to beginners and experts alike. It has a good lifespan and you can use it for years!


Recommended for :

  • Small and big cock
  • Beginner or expert
  • Frequent position changes
  • Long life

[BIG BOOBS] Yearndoll – Yuna


  • $1969
  • Silicone
  • 162 cm | 38 kg – 83 lbs
  • H-Cup
  • Fast Delivery

At the end of 2023, demand for a Japanese sex doll with huge breasts was at an all-time high.

Yuna is a model created very recently based on this demand.


Yes, you read that right. Yuna has an H-cup! Her enormous breasts are among the biggest ever created!

It's fantasy time! You won't find a girl like Yuna on the street.


Thanks to high-quality silicone, her tits are supple and spring back into place. They look and feel just like the real thing!


So if you're a fan of huge tits and want to satisfy a fantasy that can't be fulfilled in real life, Yuna is the model for you.


Note: if you don't like her face, you can choose one of 20 different ones.


Recommended for :

  • Fantasy fulfillment
  • Big-breasted lovers
  • Cosplay
  • Erotic scenarios

[LONG LEGS] WM Doll – Irina


  • $2049
  • TPE
  • 165 cm | 30 kg – 66 lbs
  • D-Cup
  • Tall and slim

Slim and slender with long legs, Irina draws her inspiration from the most famous Japanese supermodels.


I'd recommend Irina to taller people whose top priority isn't sex. This Asian love doll is designed more for breaking existing solitude, imagining scenarios (erotic or otherwise) and cosplay.


But be careful! She remains sexually balanced and will make you come without any problem:

  • Position changes are easy
  • Her 3 holes are all different and quite deep
  • Her long hair is pleasant to pull doggy-style


Her only little flaw is in her buttocks: she's not very shapely, and that can be disturbing, especially if you love that part of the body.


Recommended for :

  • Tall person
  • Lovers of the slim figure
  • Versatile
  • Vaginal, anal and oral sex

[LIGHT WEIGHT] WM Doll – Esther


  • $2049
  • TPE
  • 165 cm | 30 kg – 66 lbs
  • D-Cup
  • Young Face

Esther is a young Asian girl with more than one trick up her sleeve.

To be quite honest, I hesitated to include Esther in this buyer's guide because she looks more like a South-East Asian woman than a real Japanese one.


But her gentle face and intense gaze convinced me!

She's a doll that exudes charm and leaves no one indifferent.


In any case, Esther is a very good doll for a first purchase.

She doesn't have any special features and can easily please everyone.


With her, you take no risks!

Finally, after-sales service is excellent and delivery is fast.


Recommended for :

  • First purchase
  • Small and big cock
  • Excellent after-sales service

[FLAT CHESTED] WM Doll – Celeste


  • $2049
  • TPE
  • 158 cm | 28 kg – 62 lbs
  • Small Built
  • Anal, vaginal and oral

Celeste looks exactly like a Japanese woman.

That's thanks to her flat breasts, which are designed to be realistic and far removed from all fantasies!


Yes, Celeste is not a doll designed for sex, but to combat loneliness, to spend nights with a young Asian woman and to find comfort.


That's why she's perfect for single or widowed people who feel they're missing someone in their lives.


At 28 kilos and 158cm, this Japanese sex doll is easy to handle and turn every which way. You'll have no trouble putting her at the table, standing or on your bed.


If you're looking for an authentic Japanese doll that you'll keep for years to come, this is an ideal model.


Recommended for :

  • Realistic body
  • Japanese woman faithful to reality
  • Nocturnal company
  • Single person

Summary of the Japanese Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Yearndoll – Torso Torso Bestial sex $1149
WM Doll – Kacey Young Versatile $1593
6YE – Gia Big Boobs Cosplay $1739
YL Doll – Adelaide Big Hips First Purchase $1740
WM Doll – Lana Highly Rated Light Weight $1749
Piper Doll – Akira A-Cup Versatile $1799
Yearndoll – Yuna Big Boobs Fantasy $1969
WM Doll – Irina Long Legs First Purchase $2049
WM Doll – Esther Light Weight Young $2049
WM Doll – Celeste Flat Chested Realistic body $2049

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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