My top 6 Pregnant Sex Dolls (small, medium and large bellies)

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On Climax Explorers, you will exclusively encounter benchmark models and accredited specialized vendors.

Each sex doll, brand, and reseller website has undergone thorough and rigorous examination by myself to consistently provide you with the best advice.

Among all the categories of sex dolls available, there's one extravagant one... the pregnant one!


And it's more popular than you might think! Every day, hundreds of curious people take an interest in these models.


The problem?


Finding a quality one is hell.

Between dubious sites, disreputable brands and fake sex dolls, it's easy to get fooled.


The good news is that you've come to the right place.


My name is Lionel and I've compiled the 6 best pregnant sex dolls in this buying guide, among the best brands.


I invite you to discover them right now!

I spent hours scouring the websites of official retailers of pregnant sex doll models.


In between cups of coffee and after opening over 50 tabs on Google, I only kept 6 models out of the 35 I'd found.


Yes, it's not much.

But you'll understand why. To make this choice, here's how I went about it:


  • I eliminated the disreputable brands
  • I removed dolls that were poorly rated
  • I removed dolls that were just fat and not really pregnant
  • I removed dubious retailer sites that were not officially recognized by the manufacturers.


The best part?


Among the dozens of retailer sites, I always kept the best price.
By using my buying guide, you're sure to save money!


Ranked from cheapest to most expensive, I've grouped them into 3 categories:

  • Small bellies (3 months)
  • Big bellies (6 months)
  • Women about to give birth (9 months)


Now you know everything. Happy reading!


Keep reading below to find out why I selected these models.

[SMALL BELLY] Aibei Doll – Anna


  • $999
  • TPE
  • 153 cm | 34 kg – 75 lbs
  • Big Boobs
  • Many custom options

Only a few months pregnant, Anna is an excellent choice if you're looking for your first pregnant sex doll.


Don't let her affordable price fool you: she has all the qualities of a premium model!


Her 3 holes are welcoming and realistic. Not only are they deep, they're easily mistaken for those of a real woman! Her huge pair of breasts give you the opportunity to jerk off.


What I particularly like about this model is her face. It's realistic and true to the photos.


I can't recommend it highly enough for lovers of small bellies.


Recommended for :

  • Small budget
  • First purchase
  • Deep eyes

[BIG BELLY] JY Doll – Evuska


  • $2099
  • TPE (Body) & Silicone (Head)
  • 160 cm | 50 kg – 110 lbs
  • Big Boobs
  • Asian

Marketed by JY Doll, Evuska is a pretty Asian hybrid. She has the particularity of having a silicone head and a high-quality TPE body.


This is JY Doll's trademark and what has made their reputation. They're very, very good at delivering realistic, orgasmic models.


Evuska is about to give birth, but that doesn't stop her from being sex-hungry.

She'll satisfy all your fetishes and fantasies with immense pleasure.


Her weak point remains her weight.
With 50 kg on the scales, you need to be at least a little strong to handle it well.


If you're attracted to white-skinned Asian women who are 9 months pregnant, go for it!


Recommended for :

  • Asian lovers
  • 9-month tummy
  • Realistic body
  • Long sex session

[BIG BELLY] JY Doll – Jirka


  • $2099
  • TPE (Body) & Silicone (Head)
  • 160 cm | 50 kg – 110 lbs
  • Big Boobs
  • Dark Hair

Jirka follows in Evuska's footsteps.

Same size, same huge pair of tits, same price, same pleasure.


So what sets her apart? It's all in the looks, especially the face.


Its features are broadly the same. There are 2 major differences:

  • Her skin color is less white and more European.
  • Her hair is longer and silkier.


Excellent for doggy-style addicts who like to dominate their pregnant sex doll. You can pull her hair easily and without risk of damage.


Recommended for :

  • Strong people
  • 9-month tummy
  • Realistic body
  • Long sex session

[BIG BELLY] JY Doll – Elizabeth


  • $2099
  • TPE
  • 160 cm | 50 kg – 110 lbs
  • Deep eyes
  • Blonde

Elizabeth is extremely exciting. I don't know if it's her beautiful blonde hair or her piercing gaze.


I want to tell you, it doesn't matter! She's an XXL pregnant sex doll with a huge belly, ideal for wild sex.

You can use her to fulfill your wildest fantasies or keep her as your life partner.


It's a model that invites you to long cuddles and will fill the sentimental void in the lives of single people.


Made from 100% high-quality TPE, the choice is yours:

Will you ejaculate in one of her 2 holes or play with her bouncing tits first?


Note: Elizabeth weighs a lot for a sex doll.
I wouldn't recommend her as a first purchase, as handling her requires strength and experience.


Recommended for :

  • 9-month belly
  • Long hugs
  • Single people
  • Wild sex

[MID-BELLY] OR Doll – Celine


  • $2199
  • TPE
  • 146 cm | 30 kg – 66 lbs
  • Medium Boobs
  • Highly Rated

Celine is the most versatile doll in this buying guide.


OR Doll didn't want to go overboard, and created a realistic model based on the curves of a real woman.

At 6 months pregnant, the size of her belly is not excessive and makes it easy to put her in many sexual positions.


What I like about Celine is her weight of 30 kg. This means she's easy to move around and stays in place when you fuck her.

I'd recommend Celine if you're looking for a pregnant sex doll with a realistic body.


TIPS: For the same price, you can choose a different face. Find out more here.


Recommended for :

  • First purchase
  • Lots of customization options
  • Good size/weight ratio

IronTech Pregnant Sex Dolls: One model, 5 different faces

IronTech went straight to the point when they created their pregnant sex doll.

They chose to create just one body, with a choice of 5 different faces.

Each doll is exactly the same (price, size, dimensions, quality...). Only the face changes.

[BIG BELLY] IronTech – Orlege


  • $2469
  • Silicone
  • 158 cm | 43 kg – 94 lbs
  • Asian
  • Big Ass

BBW fans, this is THE model I recommend.

I'll get straight to the point: if you like curvy women, you'll love Orlege!


She's the only pregnant sex doll with 102 cm hips.

Her breasts also stand up well thanks to a solid B cup.


Whether in her pussy or her ass, cumming inside her gives immense pleasure, and caressing her big, round belly will appeal to all fetishists.


Love dolls created from 100% silicone have the advantage of being more realistic in terms of skin detail and are easier to wash.

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. That's why the price is so high.


IronTech have created different models based on the same body. Only the head has been modified. I'll give you a quick overview below.


Recommended for :

  • Lovers of Asian girls
  • Wild sex
  • Erotic scenarios
  • Long life

Summary of the best Pregnant Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Belly Size  Special feature Price
Aibei Doll – Anna Small Belly Cheapest $999
JY Doll – Evuska Big Belly Big Boobs (H-Cup) $2099
JY Doll – Jirka Big Belly Big Boobs (H-Cup) $2099
JY Doll – Elizabeth Big Belly High Quality TPE $2099
OR Doll – Celine Mid Belly Choice of 100+ faces $2199
IronTech – Orlege Big Belly 5 different versions $2469

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


Did you not find the answer to your question?

Ask me all your questions and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


All have undergone a thorough study of several hours on my part

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