Updated on November 02, 2023

Mozu Doll

If you're not of Asian origin or interested in the world of video games, chances are you've never heard of this brand.

Mozu Doll isn't well known in the world of sex dolls.

And yet, they have nothing to envy their competitors!


Specializing in love dolls from manga and video games, they make exceptional quality dolls that appeal to gamers.

Their best-known models include Melina from Elden Ring and Ahri from League of Legends.


This is a serious brand that has never disappointed its customers. That's why they're still around today, and why they fully deserve their place on Climax Explorers.

Mozu Doll Reviews

Melina | Elden Ring ; Silicone or TPE ; one eye closed ; H-Cup | $1439 - $2749