Updated on November 02, 2023

Doll House 168

Doll House 168 (or DH 168) has never stopped renewing itself since its creation in 2015.

Their high level of craftsmanship has enabled them to create high-end models blending technique and beauty.


Since their first erotic doll, they've progressed on many fronts:

  • Doll realism
  • Ergonomics and robustness of its EVO articulated skeleton
  • Expanded postures and positions
  • Customization options


The list goes on!


Doll House 168 love dolls are largely inspired by manga, anime and even hentai.


The Asian influence is totally assumed. Their models don't look like the women you'd meet on the street, but rather watching Dragon Ball, Naruto or Final Fantasy.

Their dolls are ready to use and just waiting to satisfy your sexual desires without ever saying no!

Doll House 168 Reviews

Android 18 | Dragon Ball Z ; 4 models ; Silicone or TPE | $1475 - $2799