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Tantaly is a California-based brand that has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of sex doll torsos.

Its founder, Steven, was never satisfied with the sex doll experience: too heavy, too expensive, and above all, low-quality. He decided to create and sell his own high-end dolls based on customer feedback.

He propelled Tantaly to become a benchmark in sex doll torsos, thanks to their realism and resemblance to the human body, especially in terms of breasts and buttocks.

4,6 / 5

In short : Candice is an entry-level torso suitable for both beginners and connoisseurs, rated 4.8/5 by hundreds of satisfied customers.

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Image of Tantaly Candice Doll: Comprehensive and Detailed Review for an Informative Perspective on this Realistic Love Doll

 👍 I like ...

  • The Missionary position is perfect.
  • Elasticity of breasts and buttocks.
  • Very realistic.
  • Easy to dress (size S).
  • 2 clothing color options available.

👎 I like less ...

  • Some positions are challenging to achieve.
  • Cleaning is difficult without the optional kit.
  • Customization limited

In this Tantaly Candice review, you will discover my perspective on this entry-level sex torso, drawing from my research, personal experience, and feedback from hundreds of customers.

I will focus on its usability, various positions, and the pleasure it provides.

You will have all the insights needed to determine if this sex doll is designed to fulfill your fantasies.

Find my detailed evaluation in the following table.

Rating of the Tantaly Candice sex doll
  • Texture & Touch
  • Sensation of pleasure
  • Personalization
  • Clothing
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Manufacturer
  • Delivery & Returns
  • Trial period
  • Warranty


The Tantaly Candice sex doll is ideal for individuals who prefer not to deal with a full-body doll, those on a limited budget, and those who value a woman’s breasts.

Who’s Candice ?

Candice is the 5th sex doll released by the Tantaly brand and is also the largest among all its models.

It is a high-end life-size sex torso with two orifices (vaginal and anal) and easy dressing capabilities.

There are two variations: the first features a fair white skin tone, while the second has a slightly darker European skin tone.

Top view of the unpacked doll body
image of doll in doggy position

Its promise? A high-end sex doll that will meet all your expectations, even the wildest ones.

With its large breasts and enticing buttocks, there's a strong likelihood that this promise holds true.

One unique feature, like all Tantaly sex dolls, is the Tantabosom technology.

This innovative material provides incredible flexibility in the breasts and buttocks, allowing for realistic reproductions of slaps and spanks. Candice has garnered numerous positive reviews, and we will verify these claims in this Tantaly Candice sex doll review.

Texture & Touch

Candice by Tantaly is crafted from TPE, a well-known material in the world of sex dolls.

The advantage of TPE is its texture, closely resembling human skin, pushing realism to the extreme. Its only drawback is that a TPE doll requires more maintenance than a silicone doll if you want to use it for years. It's essential to take good care of it!

It holds the ISO 9001 qualification, which is reassuring and safe for the body.

Indeed, its touch is soft and highly realistic.

You get the sensation of touching a woman! While the skin may be initially cool, it quickly warms up after a few caresses and spanks. You may find yourself cuddling the doll against your chest in a spooning position, enjoying the devilish pleasure of kneading its breasts.

The placement of the two orifices is perfect and extremely realistic. Tantaly has put significant effort into reproducing the dimensions of the human body as faithfully as possible.

image of doll in misionary position
Image of the doll's body seen from behind once unpacked

I took great pleasure in trying Candice in all possible positions, although some posed challenges.

The Riding/Cowgirl position isn't well-suited because it's crucial to remember that Candice is a dead weight.

Therefore, you'll need to support its weight while performing movements, making the maneuver complicated. This was the first thing that struck me as I contemplated writing this Tantaly Candice review.

Fortunately, all other positions are easily achievable, even if you're slender like me!

When in Spooning or Doggy, you won't tire easily, and the sensations are very enjoyable. Missionary is even the perfect opportunity to play with the breasts and realize their realism.

They seem alive as they bounce and adapt to the shape of your hand. I've never experienced such a realistic sensation of compression as with the Tantabosom technology.

image showing the size of the love doll next to a human hand

Sensation of pleasure

A vagina as inviting as rose petals

Whatever the size of your penis, both openings are expandable, adapting to the length and width of your device.

The vaginal lips are soft and perfectly shaped. The interior is bumpy and irregular, adding to the sense of realism. There are lots of friction points, which is very surprising the first time!

Like all sex dolls, it's slightly difficult to get in the first time without lubricant.

After a few back-and-forth movements and once your penis is erect, there's no more discomfort.

The vaginal hole stimulates well enough to take pleasure there, but not so much that the pleasure lasts and doesn't end in 30 seconds.

image of the inside of Candice's vagina

An anal hole just like a woman’s

It's harder to get into the anal orifice, but that's perfectly normal.

Once again, Tantaly pushes realism to the limit!

The inside is also different from that of the vagina. Depending on your habits and preferences, you'll have no trouble adapting.

Image de l'Intérieur, taille et dimensions de l'anus de Candice

Bewitching breasts

Chances are, you'll be hooked and won't want to take your head out of your sex doll's breasts!

I'll say it again: Candice's breasts are voluminous and bouncy.

You'll take immense pleasure in slapping them and watching them bounce before your very eyes, constantly returning to their original shape.

During penetration sessions, they'll bounce like balloons! It'll increase your pleasure tenfold and help you imagine yourself fucking the woman of your dreams.

Image of the doll's body seen from above once unwrapped

Dimensions of Tantaly Candice

Proportions are well respected: they reproduce those of a fitgirl who takes good care of her body.

The breasts are big and firm, and the buttocks didn't leave me indifferent. Candice's body is toned and curvaceous, just the way you like it.


A picture is worth a thousand words. I'll let you discover for yourself the size of this incredible sex doll.

image showing doll dimensions for torso, breasts, hips and height

The "trunk" aspect can be a little disconcerting the first time (especially if it's your first experience with a torso), but this little detail is quickly forgotten.

The size is real and corresponds perfectly to the women you see on the street. You won't feel like you're making love to a dwarf or a giant.

The weight of Candice de Tantaly

The advantage of busts is that they're relatively light compared with complete dolls. Her weight is well distributed between her ass and her breasts.

Here's what I found on Tantaly's official website: her net weight is 41.8lbs / 19kg.

To be honest with you, I don't know if this is an advantage or a disadvantage:

  • Her weight makes maneuvering difficult, and some positions will require you to be sporty (especially when Candice is on top of you).
  • But her 41.8lbs make her stable and you don't risk seeing her fly away. There's nothing worse than being afraid of breaking your doll in half when you're having fun with it. That's not the case here.

That convinced me!

Tantabosom technology

There's no such thing as breasts as hard as melons with this sex doll. They're bouncy, and playing with them is a real pleasure that can last for hours.

So yes, they'll never replace a woman's, but in the world of sex dolls, Candice is way ahead of the game.

Tantaly’s Candice is waterproof

Pleasures in the shower or bathtub are perfectly possible! I haven't tried it myself, but for water sex addicts, it's possible.

All you need to do is dry it thoroughly after use.


This is certainly the weak point of this sex doll: its customization.

Rest assured, this is not due to the model itself, but to the fact that it's a torso. You can't customize the arms, legs and, above all, the head, because they simply don't exist!

There's only one feature you can choose: her skin color.

You can choose between :

  • Fair, typical white Asian skin
  • Wheat, a more pinkish European skin tone
Image of Candice with white skin and a yellow bikini
Image of Candice with pink skin and a pink bikini

Fortunately, you can easily fall back on your choice of clothes, and that's what we're going to see right now in this Candice test.

Clothing & Accessories for Tantaly Candice

Dressing Candice is easy.

You can indulge all your fantasies and use your favorite clothes, as long as they're size S.

Whether in the chest or the buttocks, the clothes hold well and mold her beautiful curves.

image of Candice wearing jeans and a wig from the back
image of Candice dressed in clothes

Cleaning: an ordeal?

As with all dolls, cleaning is no picnic.

You need to take your time and do things meticulously if you don't want to lose sensation over the long term.

I recommend that you wash it immediately after use, dry it and use an absorbent powder.
It's not a big deal if you don't have any powder, but that's what the official Tantaly website recommends. To find out more, you can read their article on cleaning their dolls.

TIPS: I recommend the optional cleaning kit on the Tantaly website. It's a perfect fit and more than recommended if you don't want to waste time washing her properly.

Verdict: is the Tantaly Candice sexdoll right for you?

Review Conclusion

My Tantaly Candice sex doll Review is very positive.

Accessible and easy to use, the sex doll is very comfortable for young and old alike, whatever your preferred position (except when Candice is on top of you).

Its shape reflects the curves of the perfect woman, and its softness perfectly reproduces the sensations of vaginal and anal penetration. Tantabosom technology makes smacking and spanking phenomenal and super satisfying to put on.

Created on the basis of feedback from its users, Tantaly's Candice is made from TPE material and is very soft to the touch. Another plus is that it's waterproof and can easily be stored in a closet or under a bed.

Negatives? A little difficulty maneuvering it during sex and cleaning it if you don't have the cleaning kit.

Tantaly offers free delivery and you have up to 14 days to return it if you're not satisfied. If you're not satisfied, you can send a message to our after-sales service, which is highly responsive and attentive to customer feedback.

Tantaly's Candice sex doll retails for $429.99 in "human" color and $479.99 in white.

Please note that this price is valid for the USA. If you live in another country, the price may vary.

This is a slightly higher price than its competitors, but is justified by a more fulfilling sexual experience and the technology used to reproduce ultra-realistic breasts and buttocks.

To find out more, visit the manufacturer's website just below!

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Candice is rated 4,8/5 by over 184 certified customers on the manufacturer's website.


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