WM Dolls : 14 MUST-HAVE models (sorted by category)

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WM Dolls needs no introduction: they've quickly established themselves as the leading manufacturer of sex dolls, thanks to their realistic, affordable models and, above all, their impeccable customer service.


The problem is, they have so many sex dolls it's hard to choose!

Like the Netflix home screen, you spend more time choosing the right movie than watching one.


Worse: I've discovered some absolutely incredible models before realizing that the merchant site was a swindler. In 2023, you'll have to be increasingly careful if you don't want to get ripped off!


Scammers have understood this well: reproduce a site to sell one of the best brands on the market. Fortunately, I've found the solution to never have this problem again.

WM Dolls Buyer's Guide

In this WM Dolls sex doll buying guide, you'll find only recognized and certified sellers.

I've spent days researching, testing and comparing the best WM Dolls sex dolls among the best-known official retailers.


Arranged by category and in ascending order of price, you'll find in this WM Dolls buying guide the 13 dolls that caught my eye and are the best in their category.


All WM Dolls presented in this guide are in TPE material.







  • [Ultra Realist] Sara


  • [Soldier and Dominatrix] Jane




  • [Pink Head + Enormous Boobs] Sophia





Keep reading below to find out why I selected these models.

[Mini] Erika

blonde lying on a bed with tits


  • $979
  • D-Cup
  • 100 cm | 14 lbs – 6,4 kg
  • Vaginal, Anal, Oral
  • Affordable price

Underneath her youthful exterior, Erika is a young student who likes to be dominated.

100 cm dolls have many advantages: they're easy to store and handle, they're affordable and they feel powerful... WM Doll understands this, and it's not for nothing that Erika is one of their best-selling mini models.


The pleasurable sensations are on a par with larger models, and it's an excellent choice for your first sex doll.


At 6.4 kg, you'll have no trouble getting her into any sexual position. The only weakness of these mini dolls is oral penetration. If your sex is huge, you'll have trouble getting it into her mouth.


Recommended for :

  • First love doll
  • Alternative to strokers
  • Skinny
  • Hug addict
  • Low budget

[Mini + Enormous Boobs] Addison

presentation image of the mini sex doll with big breasts


  • $1099
  • L-Cup
  • 108 cm | 46 lbs – 21 kg
  • Big, BIG Boobs
  • Amazing Anal sex

Addison's gigantic breasts will appeal to you if you like curvy women.

She's living proof that women don't have to be thin and tall to be incredibly sexy.


You'll love losing yourself for hours between her big tits. It's a sex doll designed to spank and slap.


Fully customizable, you'll have no trouble creating the perfect doll for you. With WM Dolls quality, of course! Made from Premium TPE, the touch is striking and incredibly realistic.


Recommended for :

  • Big Boobs Lovers
  • Rough sex
  • All shape of body
  • Anal sex
  • Thin and thick cock

[Torso] Curvy

presentation image of a nude sexual torso


  • $1199
  • D-Cup
  • 85 cm | 46,3 lbs – 21 kg
  • Highly rated

If you're looking for a WM Dolls sex doll torso, I'm going to save you an enormous amount of time.


Delivered with a extra head (which you can choose from 15 models), the 85cm WM Dolls torso is the result of years of creation based on feedback from their customers. No wonder it's one of the highest-rated dolls in their catalog!


Big, bouncy breasts, a welcoming vagina and anus, easy handling and orgasmic sensations... this torso has it all. It's an excellent first purchase for entering the intimate world of love dolls.


I particularly liked the fact that there was no smell when I unpacked it, which is quite rare when it comes to dolls made from TPE.


Recommended for :

  • First sex doll
  • All sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Large number of positions
  • Many customization options

[Japanese] Shirley

presentation image of an Asian erotic doll


  • $1439
  • D-Cup
  • 140 cm | 56.2 lbs – 25.5 kg
  • Extremely lifelike look
  • Excellent customer service

With her Japanese features and slim waist, Shirley is a must-have for fans of Asian women.


She's a doll you'll keep for life: durable over time, easy to store at 1m40 and resistant to hardcore sex sessions, you can let out the wild beast inside you.


Shirley will stand up to your frenzied loins and gallons of cum. This model is tough on the inside, and beautiful and realistic on the outside!


It's not difficult to put her in any position: even Cow Girl, which is quite rare as sex dolls are generally quite heavy.


I could also tell you about her magnificent, large breasts, their realism and their satisfying ability to bounce back into place... if, like me, you prefer tits to ass, this is the doll for you.


Recommended for :

  • Ultra-realistic appearance lovers
  • Long life
  • For all sizes

[Dark Hair] Jill

presentation image of a nude brunette sex doll


  • $1679
  • C-Cup
  • 166 cm | 72 lbs – 33 kg
  • Very realistic
  • Soft and welcoming holes

I couldn't do this WM Dolls sex doll buying guide without talking about Jill.


A professional boxer, she's an athletic woman who has nothing to envy the most beautiful women in the world. This pretty brunette at 1.66 m takes good care of her body, especially her toned ass and bewitching breasts.


Here, it's not she who'll take you down, but you who'll inflict your sexual desires on her!


Her holes are warm, inviting and give you the impression of discovering a new pussy every time.


True to her photos, you'll have no trouble pulling her hair doggy-style and watching her pretty buttocks bounce on your cock.


Recommended for :

  • Long sex sessions
  • Freedom of personalization
  • Sexy and athletic woman lovers

[Ultra Realist] Sara

presentation image of a love doll with long gray hair


  • $1679
  • E-Cup
  • 166 cm | 88.2 lbs – 40 kg
  • Extremely well rated
  • Looks just like the photos

Another top-rated, best-selling WM Sex dolls.


With her platinum hair, piercing eyes and big, firm breasts, Sara was designed to have "the perfect body". the one every man dreams of.

You'll have no trouble dressing her up and filling her with your cum, whether it's in her mouth, ass or pussy.


And it's true, it's hard to beat that. It's quite a mental effort not to get an erection looking at her.


She's a relatively tall doll (1m68) and extremely realistic compared to her photos.


Recommended for :

  • All sizes
  • Cuddles and sex
  • All positions
  • Silver hair lovers

[Soldier and Dominatrix] Jane

presentation image of a military sex doll and soldier


  • $1839
  • C-Cup
  • 166 cm | 72 lbs – 33 kg
  • Excellent size/weight ratio
  • Tall and sexy

Perfectly suited to imagining erotic scenarios ending in rough sex, Jane would certainly have been a porn actress if she hadn't chosen the military path.


Slim and muscular, there's only one thing she wants when her service is over. After doing her country a favor, she wants to do her man a favor.


Jane's body is realistic, pleasant to the touch and well-proportioned. You'll have no trouble dressing her up in sexy, exciting outfits. If you like slim, athletic women, this is the model for you.


I particularly like her braided hair, which you can pull in all directions.


Recommended for :

  • Lovers of bossy women
  • Beastly sex session
  • Military

[Big Curves] Jasmine

presentation image of the sex doll featured in Ryan Davis' video


  • $1839
  • H-Cup
  • 163 cm | 106.9 lbs – 48.5 kg
  • Highly rated
  • Huge tits and ass

Made famous by the Ryan Davis video, this doll is certainly one of the best-known WM Dolls.


It's simple: when you think of a sex doll, you think of this one.


And that's understandable! With her enormous form, you'll be able to play for hours with her bouncing breasts and her buttocks that could give you a hard-on.


Far from the kind of physique you see on the street or on adult websites, this doll is here to satisfy your wildest fantasies.

Now the question is: in what sexual position are you going to realize them?


Bear in mind that this doll is relatively heavy and will not suit skinny or slim people.


Recommended for :

  • Strong people
  • Lovers of curvy women
  • Those looking for the model presented by Ryan Davis

[Red Head] Auburn

presentation image of a love doll with red hair and exposed breasts


  • $1849
  • B-Cup
  • 157 cm | 62 lbs – 28 kg
  • Realistic body
  • Highly rated

That's how I'd sum up Auburn: Fits good, feels good, fucks good.


This redhead is extremely realistic and her deep eyes make her look very real. Her vagina adapts well to your penis and gives the sensation of making love to a real woman.


Just like her anus and mouth, when you close your eyes you'll find yourself forgetting she's a love doll!


If you're nostalgic for your youth and want to experience the same sensations as fucking a 20-year-old woman, Auburn is the place for you.


Whether you're in bed, on the kitchen table, in the shower or on the stairs, you'll be able to ejaculate with ease in one of her magnificent holes.


Recommended for :

  • Thrilling sensations
  • Many positions
  • Perfect curves
  • Lots of customization

[Pink Head + Enormous Boobs] Sophia

presentation image of a pink-haired love doll in a yellow bikini


  • $1999
  • H-Cup
  • 156 cm | 87 lbs – 39,5 kg
  • Vaginal, Anal and Oral
  • Free sexy Outfits

I'm tackling the heavy stuff in this WM Dolls sex doll buying guide.


Sophia is THE doll for lovers of full-figured women. Who loves big tits, big asses and big thighs.


Combined with her gorgeous blue eyes and piercing stare, she's clearly an underrated WM Dolls love doll.


Customizable according to your desires, delivery is fast and discreet.


I particularly recommend her to those who like to dress their dolls in different outfits, as she comes with a free Premium outfit!


Recommended for :

  • Big boob lovers
  • Different outfits
  • Realistic look
  • Long sex session

[Blonde] Meli

presentation picture of a blonde love doll from eastern countries such as Russia


  • $1999
  • C-Cup
  • 166 cm | 72 lbs – 33 kg
  • Eastern women's style
  • Realistic and sexy body

Do you like blondes? Do you like Eastern European women?


Then let me introduce you to Meli: 1m66, 33kg and a body worthy of the most beautiful women on the planet.


It won't take you long to imagine tons of erotic scenarios with her. Extremely pleasant to the touch, Meli is truly comforting during long cuddling sessions. It's easy to get lost in thought before moving on to sensational sex.


This is one of the most realistic models around. A firm, toned ass, bewitching breasts that make you want to plunge your head in.


Her easy handling and long blond hair are an excellent excuse to brutally dominate her doggy-style.


Recommended for :

  • Blonde lovers
  • Erotic scenarios
  • Long cuddle sessions
  • Lots of personalization

[Elf + Curvy] Elanor

presentation image of an elven love doll with enormous breasts


  • $2049
  • M-Cup
  • 150 cm | 42,5 lbs – 93 kg
  • Fantasy
  • Disproportionately large breasts

Elanor isn't the kind of love doll that's for everyone.


She's here to make a fantasy come true: to fuck an elf straight out of Lord of the Rings.


And it really works. The sexual experience is there, and her spiked ears add an excitement that's hard to describe.


Generously shaped, she'll give you a run for your money. Small but voluminous, her big breasts and big buttocks will suit homosexuals and bisexuals alike.


If you're looking for a realistic model, don't bother.


Recommended for :

  • Video game lovers
  • Fantasy Fetish
  • Busty and Thick
  • Hetero, Homo and Bi

[Big Ass] Gabriella

presentation image of a WM Dolls love doll with a huge bouncing ass


  • $2049
  • B-Cup
  • 156 cm | 95 lbs – 43 kg
  • Bouncing tits and ass
  • Realistic skin

This WM Dolls sex doll buying guide couldn't be complete without a model with a big ass just the way we like them.


I'd like to introduce you to Gabriella, a model that's extremely popular with its users. Admire this huge ass.


In my opinion, she's one of WM Dolls' most successful models. Her silky skin is pleasant to the touch and ejaculating in her holes gives an immense feeling of domination.


If you like rough lovemaking, with an ass that bounces back after a spanking and doggy-style, Gabriella will meet all your expectations.


Recommended for :

  • Big-ass lovers
  • Long sex sessions
  • Strong people
  • Perfect for slapping and spanking

Summary of the best WM Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Erika Mini Alternative to strokers


Addison Mini and Enormous Boobs Thin and thick cock $1099
Torso Curvy Ultra-realistic breasts $1199
 Shirley Japanese Long life sex doll


 Jill Dark Hair Sexy and athletic woman lovers


 Sara Ultra realist All positions


Jane Soldier and Dominatrix Beastly sex session


Jasmine Big Curves Perfect for slapping and spanking


Auburn Red Head Highly rated


Sophia Pink Head and Enormous Boobs Free Premium Outfits $1999
Meli Blond Long cuddle sessions


Elanor Elf and Curvy Hetero, Homo and Bi $2049
Gabriella Bis Ass Strong curves $2049


All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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