I’ve tried and compared 9 flat chested sex dolls [Buying guide 2023]

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Looking for the best flat chested sex doll?
It's not easy to find one among the hundreds of models available on the market. And once you've found the perfect one, there's always the risk of ordering from a fake seller.
To help you, I've put together my top 9 flat-chested sex dolls of 2023.

You'll find models to suit every need and budget, as well as a complete buying guide to help you choose your love doll.

9 best flat-chested sex dolls buying guide presentation image

What's the best flat-chested sex doll in 2023?

And how can you avoid the scams that abound in this field?

Find below my comparison of the best brands of small-breasted sex dolls.

To help you make your choice, I've sorted these 9 dolls in ascending order of price and selected the best in its category.









Keep reading below to find out why I selected these models.

presentation of young and small boobs sex doll


  • $899
  • Silicone
  • 100cm | 12kg - 26,4 lbs
  • Only Vaginal Penetration
  • Easy to handle
The Asako sex doll immediately appealed to me for its simplicity and excellent value for money.
Thanks to its small size and light weight (12kg), it's easy to handle and put in any sexual position. It's an excellent buy for sex doll fans on a budget or who don't know which model to start with.
Please note that her breasts are proportioned. They're small, but still voluminous for her size.
So this is a love doll with a flat chest and still some volume, which is still easy to cover with your hand.

Recommended for :

  • Your first doll
  • All body types, especially slim ones
  • People on a tight budget
  • People with limited storage space

[Black] HR Doll - Dacey

presentation of black Flat Chested sex doll


  • $1499
  • TPE
  • 166 cm | 28 kg - 61.7 lbs
  • Vaginal, anal, oral penetration
  • Lots of face customs
There aren't many black sex dolls with a flat torso. Usually, dolls of this color have huge breasts!
But that's not the case with Dacey, this African supermodel.
Her dark skin is particularly exciting if you like a good glow in your home.
Her inviting holes and extreme customization will not leave you indifferent. It's a handy doll that has made (among others) the reputation of HR Doll, a brand now well known in the industry.
Recommended for :
  • Appeal to black people
  • All sexual positions
  • Oral and anal pleasure

[Tranny and Oral] YL - Febe

presentation of tranny sex doll


  • $1749
  • TPE
  • 155 cm | 30 kg - 66.1 lbs
  • Large oral depth
  • Free second head
Febe is a transsexual. Having become a woman in her late teens, she has retained her male facial features. However, her body has been transformed into that of a woman.
With an oral depth of 15cm, you can easily perform deep throats and fellatio. Few dolls are capable of such a feat!
Homosexual, bisexual or transsexual friends, this flat-bottomed sex doll will delight your wildest parties. Easy to handle and supplied with a second head, you can change to any female model you like.
Recommended for :
  • Deep throats and fellatio
  • Customize and dress up
  • Homosexuals and Bisexuals
presentation of young and small boobs sex doll


  • $1749
  • TPE
  • 157 cm | 28 kg - 61.7 lbs
  • Ultra realistic
  • Best-selling WM Doll
My favorite! Eugeny has everything I look for in a woman.
Small, supple breasts that spring back into place, gorgeous brunette hair, an exciting student look...
No wonder this model is one of WM Dolls' bestsellers. And that's rare, because flat-chested sex dolls aren't the best-sellers!
The icing on the cake? She's extremely realistic. Dolls of this type are generally available for over $2500. That's why it belongs in this guide to buying sex dolls with small breasts.
Recommended for :
  • All body types
  • First-time buyers
  • Skinny Lovers
  • Likes dark-haired women

[Japanese] WM Doll - Miko

presentation of Flat Chested Japanase sex doll


  • $1849
  • TPE
  • 153 cm | 31.5 kg - 69 lbs
  • Quick delivery
  • Lovely and Naughty
I know that many of my readers love Japanese women. Their slender, endearing features make them a first-rate choice!
At just 153 cm and wearing an A-cup, Miko is the perfect partner for long cuddling sessions and erotic scenarios.
WM Doll has made a considerable effort on the realism of her face. For me, it's one of the most successful. You can really feel the emotions through the beautiful eyes of this young student in search of sex.
Miko is relatively heavy for her size. This has its advantages and disadvantages: she'll easily stay in place even during your wildest sex sessions, but it'll be a bit difficult to move her around.
Recommended for :
  • All body types
  • People who like Asian women
  • Comforting cuddles
  • Creating erotic scenarios

[Large Size] Climax - Zoe

Tall love doll with flat chested


  • $1999
  • TPE
  • 175 cm | 40 kg - 88.2 lbs
  • One of the largest women on the market
  • Lots of free customization options
I'll be honest: this flat-chested sex doll isn't for everyone. It's one of the biggest dolls on the market!
Zoé measures 175 cm and weighs almost 40 kg. I wouldn't recommend her if, like me, you have a small frame.
You need to be at least physically strong to fully appreciate the experience Zoé has to offer.
On the other hand, for lovers of sex dolls who don't like oversized breasts and who love to stay in the same sexual position for a long time, this is a must-have.
Recommended for :
  • Physically strong people
  • Likes to keep the same position for a long time
  • Sexy, slender women
  • People who don't like oversized shapes

[Blond Hair] WM Doll - Blair

2 sexy pics of a long blond hair sex doll with small boobs


  • $ 2049
  • TPE
  • 155 cm | 58 lbs - 26 kg
  • Generous lips
  • Very deep holes
Here's the bimbo on the list: Blair! She combines all the clichés of the young woman we dream of having in our bed: beautiful, very deep holes, long blond hair...
I highly recommend Blair if you're looking for a flat-chested sex doll for hot, intense, wild sex.
Even if Mother Nature didn't endow her with large breasts, she's still terribly exciting and sensual.
The best is yet to come: Blair has a 17cm deep vagina and a 15cm throat. In other words, she has longer-than-average orifices. If you've got a big penis and you're looking for a sex doll that will accommodate your device with ease, you've come to the right place.
A final highlight is her generous, full lips. The sensation of a "French Kiss" is similar to that of a real woman.
Recommended for :
  • Large penises
  • Fellatio and kissing
  • Holding hair doggy-style
  • Wild, intense sex
presentation of high quality Flat Chested sex doll


  • $ 2429
  • Silicone
  • 169 cm | 32 kg - 70.5 lbs
  • Many custom options
  • Ultra Realistic
IronTech is known for offering realistic, high-end sex doll models. Viviane is no exception.
Easy to handle and sturdy, this flat-chested sex doll will last you a lifetime and give you a mind-blowing number of orgasms.
A wide range of positions, bouncing breasts, provocative gaze... The list of her qualities is long.
My favorite part? There are lots of customization options, whether on the face or the body.
Recommended for :
  • All sexual positions
  • Those who don't know which doll to choose
  • Those who like anal and vaginal penetration

[Best to fuck] Piper Doll - Akira

A-Cup high quality love doll


  • $2899
  • Silicone
  • 150 cm | 25 kg - 55.1 lbs
  • Ultra Realistic
  • High-grade silicone in the holes
I hesitated to put on this flat-chested sex doll because she's very, VERY addictive.
Akira has an aura that's hard to describe. With her extreme realism and bewitching look, it's easy to imagine erotic stories and scenarios.
What makes Akira unique is the vaginal and anal sensations she delivers.
That's the advantage of the high-end silicone used in its design. Whether in terms of the effects felt or its texture, the result is extremely realistic and will convince even the most demanding customers.
Orgasms are easy to achieve, and the impression of pushing your penis into a new pussy is unreal! You need to have tested it to know what I'm talking about.
Suitable for all body sizes and easy to handle, it's a luxury love doll tailor-made for sex addicts and those seeking orgasm at all costs.
Recommended for :
  • People who love good products
  • All body types
  • Orgasm seekers
  • Sex Addicts
  • Creating stories and scenarios

Summary of the best Flat Chested Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Doll Forever – Asako 100 cm First sex doll $899
HR Doll – Dacey Black Slim and elegant $1499
YL - Febe Tranny and Oral Bisexual and homosexual $1749
WM Doll - Eugeny Teen Sexual fantasy $1749
WM Doll – Miko Japanese Cuddles and romance $1849
Climax  Zoé Grande Taille Long sex sessions $1999
WM Doll - Blair Blond Doggy style and Blowjob $2049
IronTech Doll – Viviane Silicone Hyper realistic $2429
Piper Doll - Akira Best to Fuck High-quality, hyper realistic

silicone interior


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