Which Latina Sex Dolls is right for you? [Buying guide 2024]

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We often hear that Latin American women are the most beautiful in the world.

Big breasts, big buttocks, bewitching eyes... the list of their physical qualities is long!


The problem is, you can't find these kinds of women just by walking out the door.

The solution? Have her delivered!


There's a sub-category that's far from being the best known, yet it's one of the most exciting: Latin sex dolls.


In this buying guide, I've put together the 10 best models to help you make your choice.

I'll save you time, money and peace of mind.


1) Buy safely.

All the sellers I recommend are certified and authorized by the manufacturers to sell their product.


2) Don't spend your money for nothing.

Of all the certified retailers, I've only kept the one that offers the best price (for an equivalent service).


3) Don't waste hours making your choice

The Latina sex dolls presented here all have different characteristics. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.


You're about to discover the 10 best love doll models available in 2024.

I've sorted them by price, from cheapest to most expensive.


But don't worry, the prices aren't outrageous, as all the sex dolls are made from TPE, a material that perfectly reproduces human skin, and is very inexpensive.

[COLOMBIA] AF Doll – Claudia


  • $1599
  • TPE
  • 155 cm | 42 kg – 92 lbs
  • Big boobs (J-Cup)
  • Shakira style

Doesn't Claudia remind you of a world-famous Colombian singer?

With her long blond hair and deep eyes, she could be mistaken for Shakira.


The biggest difference with the singer? Her enormous breasts. Perfect for all-night play and sliding your penis inside!


It's a Latina sex doll that's still pretty heavy and requires a certain amount of physical strength, especially when changing position.

Sex-wise, it has 3 holes deep enough to accommodate your dick, even if you're well hung.


If you're looking for a doll for nocturnal companionship or long, cuddly sessions under the comforter, I highly recommend it.


And for the price, you'd be crazy not to go for it!


Recommended for :

  • Mammary orgasms
  • Strong people
  • Cuddles and sex


  • $1679
  • TPE
  • 166 cm | 33 kg – 72 lbs
  • Athletic body
  • 3 deep holes

Marion is a pretty brunette. Slim and athletic, she's one of the most beautiful Latina sex dolls on the market.


She's the type of model who's even more beautiful in person than in photos!


If you're looking for a model just for sex, I can't recommend Marion enough:

  • Its weight of 33kg (72 lbs) makes it easy to change positions.
  • 3 deep, tight holes to stimulate your penis
  • You can easily change her head for new sexual experiences


On top of that, lead times are relatively short and after-sales service is excellent.


Recommended for :

  • Butt lovers
  • Big or small penis
  • All positions


  • $1759
  • TPE
  • 170 cm | 41 kg – 90 lbs
  • Big, BIG boobs
  • Best seller

Vivian is one of the best-selling Latina sex dolls in the world, especially in the USA.


She was designed for lovers of large breasts. Those who want to indulge fantasies that are impossible to do in real life.

I highly recommend the "Gel Breast" option for even more realism. Even after hours of playing with it, you'll never tire of it!


And for good reason: it delivers divine orgasms! As well as being extremely well rated, it's a sexual beast on every level.

  • Huge tits
  • Bouncy ass
  • Eyes that exude eroticism and excitement


And as always with WM Dolls, customer satisfaction is top priority. It's a trademark that has made this manufacturer famous!


Note: this is a rather large model (170cm) which won't suit the smallest of people.


Recommended for :

  • Tall people
  • Breast lovers
  • Sweet and wild sex
  • Intense orgasms

[ECUADOR] WM Doll – Gina


  • $1849
  • TPE
  • 156 cm | 45 kg – 99 lbs
  • Curvy
  • Luscious lips

Gina is unlike any other Latina sex dolls.


WM Doll has gone all out to make sure her face, and especially her lips, are realistic. They're beautiful, soft and luscious!

If you love kissing, fellatio and oral sex, Gina is just the thing.


She's a versatile model you can use in a variety of ways: warming your bed, fucking her roughly, imagining erotic scenarios...

She also has big breasts with prominent nipples. I find them particularly exciting!


Her biggest weakness (like many Latin sex dolls) is her weight. This can be explained by the size of her breasts and ass, but 45kg (99lbs) is still pretty heavy.


Recommended for :

  • Lovers of curved women
  • Sex all over the house
  • Strong person
  • Erotic scenarios

[ARGENTINA] YL Doll – Rinia


  • $1899
  • TPE
  • 155 cm | 34 kg – 75 lbs
  • Slim waist
  • Medium breasts (D-Cup)

Rina is my favorite: she represents the perfect woman you want to fuck all night long!


She's easy to handle and won't give you any problems when it comes to cumming.

Her light weight makes her easy to move around in, and you can do just about anything with her.


Rina doesn't have many faults. She has all the qualities you'd expect from a love doll.

If you're feeling lost and don't know which doll to buy, you can start with her!


Considering its price, it's an excellent investment.


Recommended for :

  • First purchase
  • Frequent position changes
  • Night company


  • $1899
  • TPE
  • 170 cm | 40 kg – 88 lbs
  • Big Boobs (H-Cup)
  • Big Lips

Forget cuddling and romantic nights: this is not the way to enjoy Catalina.


She's a weapon of sexual destruction. She has ALL the sexy Latina assets:

  • Bouncy boobs that pop right back into place
  • A huge ass that would give anyone a hard-on
  • A soft, well-groomed face that's as realistic as it gets
  • Luscious lips to kiss for hours on end


What's more, there are plenty of customization options.

If you're willing to pay the price, you can be sure you'll be using Catalina for years to come.


Slapping her ass and filling it with cum doggy-style is divine. I can see why reviews are so unanimous about her.


It's such a shame that SY Doll only offers this Latina sex doll in this size!

170 cm isn't for everyone. That's its only flaw.


Recommended for :

  • Big-ass lovers
  • Kisses and oral functions
  • Realistic orgasms


  • $1900
  • TPE
  • 156 cm | 39.5 kg – 87 lbs
  • Stunning details
  • Large breasts (H-Cup)

The last doll in this buyer's guide at under $2000, Belinda is an extremely sexy young Brazilian.


She's even more beautiful in person than in photos!

Her face, her hands, her feet... her entire body is meticulously detailed.


Once she's in your bed, she's all yours. Whether from the buttocks or the vagina, it's extremely satisfying to dominate her.

It's orgasmic to pull her hair doggy-style or watch her huge breasts bounce missionary.


If you love curvy women with beautiful curves, this is a model that will please you on every level.


Recommended for :

  • Doggy style
  • Romantic or bestial sex
  • All dick sizes


  • $2049
  • Ultra realistic TPE
  • 160 cm | 34 kg – 75 lbs
  • Stunning Face
  • Small Boobs (A-Cup)

Young and sexy, Alejandra is the result of a perfect blend between Peru and Japan.


Her body is very realistic! You'll be amazed the first time you see her, I guarantee it.


Behind her innocent face lies a thirst for sex. She's a young student who'll never say no to your cock.

Especially if it's big! She loves them.


She's a versatile doll with a very good size/weight ratio.


Alejandra does, however, have small breasts. If, like me, big tits attract you and drive you crazy, I wouldn't recommend her.


Recommended for :

  • Youthful appearance
  • Realistic body
  • Big cocks
  • Sex all over the house

[VENEZUELA] WM Doll – Farah


  • $2049
  • TPE
  • 156 cm | 43 kg – 95 lbs
  • Big Ass
  • MILF

Farah is unique for two reasons:

  • She's a MILF
  • She's got a huge ass


Her big thighs and buttocks are among the biggest in this Latina sex doll buying guide!

She's designed for lovers of big butts and sex, especially sodomy!


You can fuck her through any of her 3 deep holes. The anal hole is tighter than the vaginal hole, giving a very different penetration sensation.


Take into account her weight of 43 kg (95 lbs). You need to be at least a little strong to be able to exploit its full potential.


Recommended for :

  • Sodomy lovers
  • Explosive orgasms
  • Strong person


  • $2099
  • TPE
  • 166 cm | 33 kg – 72 lbs
  • Slim size
  • Medium breasts (C-Cup)

Clarissa is an extremely realistic sex doll. It's really hard to tell the difference from a real woman!


I love this model because it's well suited to beginners as it's classic and nothing extravagant.

If you have the desire to relive your youth and frantically fuck a pretty, slim young woman, Clarissa is a great option.


She has a good height-to-weight ratio which makes sex and changing position easy. The size of her breasts is, in my opinion, perfect: not too small, not too big!


It's a pity that the customization options aren't as extensive as on other models; but if Clarisse appeals to you directly, then it's not a flaw to be taken into consideration.


Recommended for :

  • Easy orgasms
  • Versatile
  • Beginner

Summary of the best Latina Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
AF Doll – Claudia Colombia Enormous Boobs $1599
WM Doll – Marion Argentina Athletic $1679
WM Doll – Vivian Brazil Best Seller $1759
WM Doll – Gina Ecuador Luscious Lips $1849
YL Doll – Rinia Argentina First Purchase $1899
SY Doll – Catalina Colombia Luscious Lips $1899
WM Doll – Belinda Brazil Stunning details $1900
WM Doll – Alejandra Peru Small Boobs $2049
WM Doll – Farah Venezuela Sodomy $2049
WM Doll – Clarissa Colombia First Purchase $2099

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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