Aerith Sex Doll: all the differences between the 2 models (FF VII)

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So you're looking for an Aerith sex doll ?

When you first laid eyes on Aerith and switched on your PlayStation, did you ever wonder what she might look like in real life?


And I bet you've experienced this immense frustration.

That of seeing Aerith pixelated with her triangular chest.


It was a blessing to discover the remake of this game that marked a whole generation!

The idea of being able to make love to your favorite video game character is no longer a fantasy.


A few months ago, the leading brand in female character reproductions hit back hard.

This is not GameLady's first try. They've already marketed some extremely popular dolls that have made their name.


Lara Croft, for example, is one of their best-selling dolls.

GameLady created the Aerith sex doll based on the Final Fantasy VII universe.


I promise: by the end of this review, you'll know all about this incredible love doll!

4,7 / 5

In short : With a face faithful to Final Fantasy VII, soft skin and beautiful, realistic forms, Aerith won't disappoint Square Enix fans. You've imagined making mad love to her: once she's between your legs, it's beyond anything you've imagined!

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 👍 I like ...

  • As sexy as FF VII
  • Realistic ass and breasts
  • 2 different models
  • Lots of customization options
  • Erotic scenarios easily imagined

👎 I like less ...

  • Fairly high price
  • No oral sex

By the end of this Aerith sex doll review, you'll have all the knowledge you need to know if she's right for you:


  • Its dimensions, including those of its buttocks and breasts
  • Whether her skin texture is true to the real thing
  • The orgasmic sensations she'll give you (without ever saying no)
  • All the differences between the 2 existing models (and how to make your choice according to your tastes)
  • How to dress, clean and care for her
  • Where to buy it and at the best price


Let's get started!


Note: GameLady has no official partnership with Square Enix. They've created their Aerith model based on Final Fantasy VII, but it's officially not the official sex doll.

Rating of the Aerith sex doll
  • Texture & Touch
  • Sensation of pleasure
  • Clothing
  • Personalization
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Manufacturer


With its 2 models (realistic and sexual), the Aerith sex doll will satisfy the fantasies of all gamers.
Easy to move, easy to penetrate, easy to dress, it’s an ideal doll for Final Fantasy VII fans, no matter how you use it.


The first time I laid eyes on this new GameLady model, I was REALLY surprised.

How realistic! My dick got hard in seconds.


And I was even more amazed at how far the leading brand in reproducing sex dolls from video games had gone:


They created 2 different models of the Aerith sex doll.


GameLady made this choice to satisfy all its customers:

  • Those who want to fuck Aerith and satisfy their gamer fantasies. (realistic model)
  • Those who want a doll faithful in appearance to Final Fantasy VII. (sexual model)

This test has been designed to make your choice easy.


FineloveDoll offers a slightly larger doll, closer to Aerith's real curves.

KumaDoll sells a model designed to fuck, fuck and fuck your doll again.


The main differences are dimensions, breast size, weight and price. The interior and sexual parts are the same.


Let's start by analyzing her texture and the realism of her skin.

Texture & Touch

The first thing to know is that Aerith Gainsborough is made from 100% silicone.


Softer and less viscous than TPE, it's also more expensive.

There are other differences between these two materials, but I've told you the most important ones.


In practical terms, its skin is extremely soft, resembling human skin.

You can hardly tell the difference by touching it or looking at it! Just like the Android 18 sex doll, Game Lady has done a remarkable job on this point.


Note: Changing your doll's skin color won't affect its texture.


Whether it's her ass or her breasts, they behave like those of a young adult aged 18 - 20.


Finally, I really like the details of this doll. Hands, feet, nipples and even ears are all very realistic!

The photos don't lie: the quality is top-notch.

Sensation of pleasure

Her vagina and anus: warm and inviting

I'll be blunt: you'll have no problem cumming again and again, whether it's in her pussy or her ass.


Her vagina is deep enough (17.5cm) to accommodate all types of cocks, even the biggest.

Her anus is smaller (16cm) and narrower, which really gives the impression of sodomizing Aerith and provides very different sensations from one hole to the next.

Game Lady has succeeded in recreating the anatomy of a real woman, and the rubbing sensations are real!

The internal texture is ribbed and irregular. This multiplies the points of friction and stimulates every mm² of your cock.

Breasts just waiting to be eaten

There are 2 breast sizes to choose from, depending on the model you select.


The most faithful version of Aerith is a B cup.

The most sexual version has a D cup.

It's a criterion that can be decisive! That's why I thought it essential to mention it here.


Note: you can choose the "Gel" option for bouncier breasts. Unfortunately, this option is only available on the model sold by FineLove Doll (B cup).


Apart from the size difference, nothing changes between the 2 models.


Aerith's breasts are firm and spring back into place. You'll enjoy nibbling, chewing or squeezing them between your hands.

They're slightly splayed and stay firmly in place. By changing the position of your arms, you can easily tighten them and play with them.

Personally, I love it!

You can do many positions

You can turn the Aerith sex doll over in any number of positions.

I recommend taking it easy the first few times. The silicone will still be a little stiff. Fortunately, this problem quickly disappears.

Its medium weight means you can turn it any way you like without difficulty.


You can put it in the following positions:

  • Missionary
  • Doggy style
  • Standing against a wall
  • Cow Girl
  • Reverse Cow Girl
  • Spoon
  • Magic Mountain
  • Sitting, standing or lying
  • And many more

Beware, oral sex is impossible

That's one of the disadvantages of silicone. There's no mouth hole to accommodate your dick.

So oral sex is impossible.

You'll have to settle for kissing her and enjoying her pretty lips.

Aerith sex doll dimensions vary according to model

Unlike her skin texture and sexual sensation, there are big differences between the 2 models created by GameLady.

Breast size, weight, general appearance... I've summed it all up for you in the table below:

  Finelove Doll Kuma Doll
Height 168 cm - 5.51 ft 167 cm - 5.5 ft
Weight 39.7 kg - 87.52 lbs 35.5 kg - 78.30 lbs
Boobs B-Cup D-Cup
Around Bust 82.5 cm - 32.48 in 82 cm - 32.28 in
Shoulder Width 40.5 cm - 15.95 in 37 cm - 14.50 in
Under Bust 63.5 cm - 25 in 62 cm - 24.41 in
Around Waist 62 cm - 24.41 in 58.5 cm - 22.83 in
Around Hips 95.5 cm - 37.6 in 100 cm - 39.37 in
 Leg Length  76 cm - 29.92 in 75.5 cm - 29.53 in 
 Arm Length  66.5 cm - 26.18 in 63 cm - 23.80 in 
 Feet Lenght  23.5 cm - 9.25 in 21 cm - 8.27 in 
 Vagina Depth 17.5 cm - 6.89 in  17.5 cm - 6.89 in
 Anal Depth 16 cm - 6.3 in 16 cm - 6.3 in
 Mouth Depth No No

Clothing & Accessories

Dressing Aerith is extremely easy!

Even if her body dimensions change a little, size S clothes will fit her perfectly.


On the D-cup model, her breasts will be a little more compacted, adding to her sex-hungry excitement.

By the time your Aerith sex doll is delivered, I recommend you order several outfits in advance.

You'll be thrilled to be able to dress her as soon as she's in your hands, and unleash her full potential!


If you're looking for the "party dress" outfit she wears in the video game, you can order it directly from Amazon.

You can also assemble several different accessories to recreate her outfit as faithfully as possible.


Note: no matter which model you choose, your sex doll will arrive naked or with a default outfit. You'll need to purchase her iconic Final Fantasy VII outfit yourself.

Over 25 options for customizing Aerith sex doll

A huge plus for this erotic doll.

There are 2 types of personalization:

  • Exterior: eye color, wig, pubic hair, nails, areolas...
  • Functional: sound effects, articulation, skeleton, remouvable vagina...


Some options are free, others are not.

Depending on the site where the sex doll is sold, there are many differences.


I've summed it all up in the table below:


Note: I strongly advise you to choose the "Stand-Up Feet" option if you intend to use Aerith for anything other than sex. This will enable you to make her stand up easily.

FineloveDoll Kumadoll
Skin color Yes Yes
Wig Yes No
Eyebrows Shape and Color Yes No
Eyes color Yes Yes
Eyeshadow color Yes No
Lipstick color Yes No
Areolas size and color Yes Yes
Hand nails Yes Yes
Feet nails Yes Yes
Pubic Hair +$50 +$50
Pubic Hair color Yes No
Labias color Yes Yes
Removable Vagina Yes Yes
Stand-Up Feet Yes $50
EXP Skeleton Yes No
Finger Skeleton Yes Yes
Rigid Hand Palms Yes No
Gel-Filled Breasts Yes No
Gel-Filled Butt Yes No
Hymen (single use) Yes No
Moaning System +$150 No
Articulated Fingers Yes No
Auto-Suction Vagina +$99 No
Realistic Body Painting Yes +$220
Extra Eyes +$49 No
Extra Wigs +$49 No
Extra Head +$499-$599 No


The cleaning part is never your favorite.

Yet it's essential if you want to continue using your doll for years to come.


If you don't take good care of it, it will quickly turn into a nest of microbes, with all the smells that go with it!

As well as keeping your doll looking good, you'll be enhancing its durability, cleanliness and orgasmic sensations.

Rest assured, caring for your Aerith sex doll isn't complicated!


If you follow this short tutorial after each use, I guarantee that Aerith will continue to give you orgasms for many years to come.

Please note that washing is infinitely easier with a removable vagina!


Here's how to properly clean your sex doll:


1) Place your doll on a hard surface. Your bed isn't ideal because you'll get it wet. A bathtub or shower is best. As Aerith is a medium-weight doll, this is a possibility.


2) Mix a small amount of mild soap with warm water. Do not use silicone-based products! Soak a sponge in your product and clean the inside and outside of your sex doll.

Don't hesitate to take your time and scrub well, especially inside the vagina and anus.


Tips: Attach a sponge to a small stick or use a toothbrush to get to the bottom!


3) Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


4) Remove most of the water with a cloth and use a soft towel to dry completely. Rub as little as possible to avoid damaging the skin.


5) Leave to dry completely for 30-40 minutes before storing.

Verdict: is Aerith sexdoll right for you?

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy VII, this is the doll for you. If you've long wandered the streets of Midgar and fantasized about Aerith, you won't be disappointed.


Her untimely death has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans. It's time to take your revenge and imagine your own scenario! Inventing erotic scenarios takes on a whole new meaning, and immersion is guaranteed thanks to her soft, realistic skin (thanks to silicone).


Whether it's her pussy or her ass, her 2 deep holes give you the chance to fuck her again and again and again. Her medium weight and articulated skeleton make it easy to change position and enjoy wild, beastly sex.


The sensations are simply exhilarating. Vaginal and anal penetration really give you the sensation of entering a real woman. It's amazing the first time!


The Aerith sex doll does have a few drawbacks. It's not possible to perform oral sex, and its price remains relatively high ($2649-$2999).

It's a high price, but one that's justified by the doll's high-end quality.

Game Lady has created 2 versions of Aerith: one faithful to the video game (small breasts with lots of customization options) and another for those who want to fuck for long hours (big breasts and lighter).

There's something for everyone!


You'll find Aerith at FineLove Doll (realistic version) and KumaDoll (sexual version), two Game Lady-certified retailers authorized to sell these models.

Where to buy Aerith sex doll ?

You can buy Game Lady's Aerith sex doll on many sites. And unfortunately, many of them are scams.


In the best case, you get a counterfeit.

In the worst case, nothing at all.


That's why I strongly recommend you use one of these 2 sites.

Kumadoll and FineloveDoll are official resellers certified by the brand.


So you don't take any risks, and you won't find these dolls at a better price.

Kumadoll VS FineloveDoll: which to choose?

If you're on a budget and want a wide choice of personalization options, I'd recommend Finelovedolls.

If you're looking for a larger-breasted, lighter-weight Aerith sex doll, I'd recommend KumaDoll.


> See my size comparison chart

> See my customization options comparison chart


Aerith sex doll is rated 4.8/5 by over 6 certified customers on the manufacturer's website.


Ask me all your questions and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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