From Star Wars to E.T. : 8 best Alien Sex Dolls in 2023

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On Climax Explorers, you will exclusively encounter benchmark models and accredited specialized vendors.

Each sex doll, brand, and reseller website has undergone thorough and rigorous examination by myself to consistently provide you with the best advice.

I was surprised to see that alien sex dolls were extremely popular!

Far from current beauty standards, it's THE perfect category to fulfill your wildest fantasies.


The major advantage of alien sex dolls is that you truly experience something impossible to replicate in real life.


Before Elon Musk discovers life elsewhere than on our blue planet, we might have to wait!


In this buying guide, I present to you 8 models that will take you on a journey to Tatooine, Pandora, or Arrakis.

While conducting my research, I quickly realized that one brand surpassed all others in the realm of alien sex dolls.


Let me introducing Dolls Castle.


Don't be surprised to see only models from this manufacturer.


Because its competitors are pricier with a less realistic outcome.

That's why I've exclusively selected models from Doll Castle.


In this buying guide, you'll find dolls distinguished by facial appearance, skin tone, makeup, or size. I've categorized them from the most affordable to the most premium


 You'll be surprised to find that the prices are far from exorbitant (even for the most expensive alien sex dolls).


So buckle up your spaceship seatbelt; I'm taking you on a galactic and orgasmic adventure!




  • $1109
  • TPE
  • 168 cm | 40 kg – 88 lbs
  • Demon style
  • Realist Make-Up

With its appearance straight out of a futuristic movie, the first alien sex doll in this buying guide is an excellent entry-level model.

Its weight is relatively heavy. This has the advantage of holding her well when you use her, but the disadvantage of making it difficult to change positions.

If you're lonely, imaginative and want to take your first step into the wonderful world of love dolls, go for it!


Recommended for :

  • Single persons
  • Strong people
  • Numerous sexual positions
  • Numerous customization options


  • $1499
  • TPE
  • 166 cm | 37 kg – 81.57 lbs
  • Unique Alien Design
  • D-Cup

Jayla is a UFO. Her unique, highly detailed appearance sets her apart from all other dolls!

She was designed for Star Wars or Star Trek fans with her sprawling face. Her slightly curved ears and make-up make her really sexy.


You can give free rein to all your fantasies with Jayla. She won't judge you, quite the contrary.

Her medium-sized breasts and 3 deep holes make for a satisfying sexual experience.


If you've always secretly jerked off to aliens, Jayla is an excellent choice for a first purchase.


Recommended for :

  • Fantasies about extraterrestrials
  • Original head with tentacles
  • Medium-sized breasts and ass
  • First alien sex doll

[160CM & RED] Doll Castle – Kerya


  • $1499
  • TPE
  • 160 cm | 38 kg – 83.78 lbs
  • Original head with tentacles
  • E-Cup

Kerya's body is entirely red! Straight out of the Dune universe, she'll awaken all your buried fantasies.

What I really like about this alien sex doll is that she's designed for sex.


With Kerya, you can indulge yourself! Her holes are welcoming and deep, her titty size is really big and her slim waist reminds me of the most beautiful supermodels on our planet.


You'll enjoy pulling her tentacle-shaped hair during doggy-style, I guarantee it! The immersion is total and the feeling of domination immense.


Recommended for :

  • Red skin lovers
  • Slim and athletic shape
  • Many free customization options

[STAR WARS] Doll Castle – Alien


  • $1499
  • TPE
  • 156 cm | 50.5 kg – 111.3 lbs
  • 3 deep holes
  • E-Cup

You wouldn't believe how many people fantasize about the alien races of Star Wars! You might even be one of them 😉

Doll Castle has created a unique model with this alien sex doll from the Anakin Skywalker saga.


It's typically with this kind of doll that you can realize all your fantasies. It was created for! Big tits, deep holes, sexy make-up...

You can bring out the sex-hungry beast in you.


The big drawback of this model is undoubtedly its weight. 50 kg is enormous! In fact, it's one of the manufacturer's biggest dolls.

It's not a doll I'd recommend if you're thin or don't have a lot of strength. You'll have a hard time moving it!


Note: You can choose other alien faces if you don't like this one.


Recommended for :

  • Star Wars fans
  • Cosplay
  • Erotic scenarios
  • Galactic fantasies
  • Strong people

[170CM & WHITE] Doll Castle – Retra


  • $1599
  • TPE
  • 170 cm | 37 kg – 81.57 lbs
  • Good size/weight ratio
  • Tall alien sex doll

Feeling lonely and wish you had an alien sex doll by your side? No one can give you more comfort than Retra!


Her face is soft and very relaxing. You want to hug her just looking at her (and then let her taste your sex...) 😉

Sex-wise, you won't be disappointed. 3 holes, good breast size, plenty of positions, a large but elegant waist... everything is put together to make you cum easily!


As an added bonus, Retra has good oral depth (15cm), making fellatio a real possibility! If you love getting your dick sucked, there's no better model for the job.


Recommended for :

  • White skin lovers
  • Alien fantasies
  • First sex doll
  • Realistic make-up
  • Blowjob

[170CM & PINK] Doll Castle – Yuky


  • $1599
  • TPE
  • 170 cm | 40 kg – 88.19 lbs
  • Fairly heavy weight
  • Tall alien sex doll

Yuky looks a lot like Retra (apart from her skin color).

Yet she's a real sex beast.

If you're looking for an alien sex doll for anything other than intimate intercourse, you'll have to pass.


Yuky's strong point is her pussy, ass and vagina. You can spend hours there, and no time will pass.

And here, it's all about sodomy! Her 17 cm hole will support any cock, even the largest.

With a bigger ass, I could have put her in my guide to buying dolls with big asses.


Be careful though, Yuky is still pretty heavy (40kg). I wouldn't recommend her as a first doll, or for people with limited strength.


Recommended for :

  • Pink skin lovers
  • Strong people
  • Intense, bestial sex
  • Erotic scenario
  • Sodomy

[170CM & PURPLE] Doll Castle – Dodla


  • $1599
  • TPE
  • 170 cm | 37 kg – 81.57 lbs
  • Original and unique head
  • Tall alien sex doll

Another large 170cm model. And once again, Dodla stands out from the crowd.


Admire the details on her face. You can't pass by this half-alien, half-fish woman in purple without seeing her!

Like Jayla, there aren't 2 like her. Dodla is absolutely unique, and that's what makes her so beautiful.

It's like having sex with an alien and discovering a whole new world.


Her athletic figure and perfectly made-up face are guaranteed to make all your fantasies come true.

Her ears remind me of an elf's and are very similar to those of Elanor, one of WM Doll's best-selling elven dolls.


If you've ever dreamed of fucking a Star Trek or Star Wars alien, Dodla will welcome your tongue and cock with great pleasure!


Recommended for :

  • Athletic and exciting body
  • Unique, alien face
  • Big breasts (E-Cup)
  • Easy to handle

[BIG BOOBS] Doll Castle – Xeles


  • $1599
  • TPE
  • 141 cm | 38 kg – 83.78 lbs
  • Unique face, cartoon appearance
  • Huge breasts (H-Cup)

BBW + Alien = Xeles!

Finally! Thought you'd get to the end of this Alien sex doll buyer's guide without seeing a chubby?


Let me introduce you to Xeles. She's pretty small (141cm) with oversized tits!

She's a big-boob sex doll with a distinctive body and, above all, a distinctive face.


Her snake-like hair reminds me of Medusa! And I'm convinced that this girlfriend has more than one trick up her sleeve.

Once again, she's a sexual nuclear weapon. You can do anything with her.


With Xeles, it's often double or nothing:

  • Either you're going to love her face, with its big ears and exorbitant eyes;
  • Or you're going to hate her looks, even if you respect the final rendering.

Personally, I've chosen my side... 😉


Recommended for :

  • Catching eyes
  • Unspeakable fantasies
  • Vaginal and anal penetration
  • Erotic scenarios

Summary of the best Alien Sex Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Green Demon Horns Cheapest $1109
Jayla Athletic Head with tentacles $1499
Kerya 160CM & Red Head with tentacles $1499
Alien Star Wars Heavy $1499
Retra 170CM & White Good size/weight ratio $1599
Yuky 170CM & Pink Bestial sex $1599
Dodla 170CM & Purple Unique head $1599
Xeles Big Boobs H-Cup $1599

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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