Funwest Doll: the 8 best-selling models in 2023

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Did the Funwest Doll models catch your eye?


Mine too.


I can still remember standing in front of my computer when I first laid eyes on their model of Sakura in Naruto.

She fully deserves her place in this Funwest Doll buying guide.


Yeah, you could say they've fulfilled a lot of fantasies. No wonder the brand is now one of the biggest on the market.


And with over 80 models, we don't know where to start.

Too many choices, sizes, hairstyles, colors, prices, EVERYTHING.


The good news is that you're no longer lost.


I'm offering you this buying guide to the best-selling Funwest Doll sex dolls in 2023.

Here's how I did it:

  • I listed all the sex doll sellers recognized and certified by Funwest Doll.
  • For each site, I selected their 12 best sellers, or more than 30.
  • I kept the top 8 based on my knowledge, customer feedback and reviews on official forums.
  • I then chose the best price for each seller.


The dolls shown are sorted by price, from $1199 to $1669.

All you have to do is choose!

As well as going through an official retailer, you're sure to find it at the best price.

[ASIAN] Belza


  • $1199
  • D-Cup
  • 152 cm | 30 kg – 66 lbs
  • Pretty and cute
  • Brunette

Belza is a juvenile-looking sex doll that's very affordable. That's rare for Asian models!


She's a popular model who's built her reputation on her charm and endearing looks.


It's an excellent model that I recommend to beginners:

  • She's not very expensive for a love doll of this quality
  • She's easy to dress
  • Her ass and breasts bounce nicely.


On the sexual side, the performance is there too. With 3 holes and quality TPE material, orgasm is easily attainable.

Some positions are more difficult than others, but it's easy to get the hang of.


Recommended for :

  • Long cuddling sessions
  • Having company
  • First doll
  • Cosplay
  • Erotic Scenarios



  • $1199
  • D-Cup
  • 152 cm | 30 kg – 66 lbs
  • Pretty and cute
  • White skin

Lily also has Asian origins, although her skin is whiter.


She's a fairly light doll for her size, which will turn your solitude into a convivial moment.

I love this model because it's so soft and touching. It makes you want to love and protect her.


It's very pleasant to imagine adventures with her, with a touch of eroticism.

Lily plays her role perfectly, as a sensitive woman with a thirst for sex.


Tough, with a realistic body and beautiful bouncing breasts, she's easy to personalize, and many options are free, like articulated fingers or a wig.


Recommended for :

  • Long cuddling sessions
  • Having company
  • First doll
  • Asian Lovers
  • Romantic and soft sex

[BLONDE] Leyma


  • $1399
  • F-Cup
  • 155 cm | 34 kg – 75 lbs
  • 3 deep holes
  • Long thin legs

If you've ever dreamed of fucking a beautiful, athletic blonde with big tits, we already have something in common.

Leyma is the kind of little woman who just loves sex. With her long legs and piercing eyes, it's easy to see why.


I think Funwest Doll has done her look particularly well, giving her a slightly old-fashioned but terribly exciting look.


You just want to grab her by the jaw and force your sex into one of those 3 deep holes.

Leyma can be put in many sexual positions and will welcome your wildest ideas.


Recommended for :

  • Skinny forms
  • Boobs lovers
  • Big and small dicks
  • Many positions



  • $1399
  • F-Cup
  • 155 cm | 34 kg – 75 lbs
  • League of Legends
  • Big ass

Jinx is directly inspired by the famous League of Legends video game.


With her sexy, toned shape, she's a gorgeous woman who'll transform your parties!

Her hourglass-shaped body resembles those of supermodels, with the added bonus of big breasts.


With 3 deep holes, a good size/weight ratio and all-round maneuverability, you'll have no trouble fucking her in any position.

Her big ass makes doggy style easy, and spanking her hard gives an indescribable feeling of domination.


She's got a big chest and an ass that would give a dead man a hard-on.

Customization options are plentiful, and many of them are free of charge, such as skin and eye color, and titty aerolas.


Recommended for :

  • Gamers
  • Ass lovers
  • Sex addict



  • $1499
  • K-Cup
  • 165 cm | 44 kg – 97 lbs
  • Mature
  • School Teacher

This Funwest Doll model has the particularity of huge breasts. We're far from a realistic model here, as Zoey has a K-cup size.


That's huge!


On top of that, Zoey looks like a mature woman. It's a far cry from previous models who portrayed women aged 18-25.

The school teacher has more the look of an extremely naughty thirty-something. With her experience and maturity, she'll give you a run for your money.


Big boobs, big ass, 3 deep holes, realistic, bouncy skin... I understand what made Zoey such a success!

I'd kill to have her as my math teacher.


It's an erotic doll that I wouldn't recommend to beginners for 2 reasons:

  • She's rather heavy and therefore difficult to handle
  • Its large breasts can quickly throw you off balance.


Recommended for :

  • Boobs Lovers
  • Strong person
  • Advanced User

Funwest Doll : [BLONDE] Chloe


  • $1499
  • G-Cup
  • 157 cm | 40 kg – 88 lbs
  • Easy orgasm
  • Lots of customization options

I've deliberately included a second blonde in this Funwest Doll buying guide because Chloe is so different from Leyma.


She's more imposing in every way:

  • The size of her breasts, buttocks and hips
  • Overall size
  • The depth of her orifices


Where Leyma stands out for her retro style, Chloe is a purely modern, sexy woman.

She's an erotic Funwest Doll clearly designed for sex. Whether it's sweet, wild, moderate or intense, she's made for it.


Her little plus? Her long hair.

It's a real pleasure to pull her doggy-style, and the feeling of domination is phenomenal.


Her biggest weakness is her weight: 40kg can be tricky to handle.

You'll need several tries to easily change positions and exploit its full potential.


Recommended for :

  • Erotic scenarios
  • Bestial sex
  • Sexual fantasy

[ANIME] Sakura (Naruto)


  • $1669
  • A-Cup
  • 159 cm | 37 kg – 81.5 lbs
  • Faithful to Naruto anime
  • Small boobs

Gamer friends, I've got you covered.

Funwest Doll has created a whole category of dolls inspired by anime and manga.


For example, they reproduced Jolyne from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


They've done it again with Naruto and its iconic female character, Sakura!

Whether you want to cosplay her, indulge your fantasies or fuck her the way she deserves, Sakura is there for you.


True to the anime, her breasts are quite small.

If your priority is to play with big breasts, you'll have to pass.


Fortunately, her realism and naughty looks don't detract from her sensual, erotic side.


Of all the Sakura dolls ever created, this is by far the best. Last but not least, I think the price is justified and affordable.


Recommended for :

  • Naruto manga fan
  • Indulge your fantasies
  • Waifu
  • Soft or animal sex

Funwest Doll [REALIST] Alice


  • $1669
  • A-Cup
  • 159 cm | 37 kg – 81.5 lbs
  • Ultra-realistic
  • Youthful looks

This Funwest Doll model is certainly the most realistic of all.


Particular effort has been put into Alice's facial features: her deep, naughty gaze, her neat wig, her youthful 18-year-old appearance, her soft, welcoming lips...


Alice will appeal to sex doll fans and experts alike.

Her body is similar to those seen on the street.


However, if you're a fan of large breasts, I wouldn't recommend this model.

Funwest Doll wanted to keep this model authentic and didn't equip it with a pair of huge tits.


Whether you're looking for company or a wild way to get your dick into her pussy, ass or mouth, Alice will take care of you.


If you like small-breasted sex dolls, I've written an article dedicated to them.


Recommended for :

  • Sex Addict
  • Gamers
  • Romantic Scenarios
  • Long life

Summary of the best Funwest Doll models

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Belza Cuddles Heartwarming $1199
Lily Asian First sex doll $1199
Leyma Blonde Easy to move $1399
Jinx Fantasy Ass Lovers $1399
Zoey Very Big Boobs Boobs Lovers $1499
Chloe Blonde MILF $1499
Sakura (Naruto) Anime Fantasy / Waifu $1669
Alice Realist Polyvalence $1669

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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