Jasmine sex doll: Review of the model in the Ryan Davis video

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Propelled into the limelight by the video of famous comedian Ryan Davis, Jasmine is the talk of the town.


And with good reason.


At first glance, she has all the qualities of the perfect love doll.

Realistic, curvy waist, huge breasts, an ass that just begs to be slapped.


And above all, an ultra-realistic appearance that could be mistaken for that of a real woman.

The problem is, Ryan never bought this sex doll.

It's impossible to know whether Jasmine delivers on its promise of "offering a sexual experience superior to that of a real woman".


So what's Jasmine worth in your bed?

Is she just as hot when she's naked and subject to your every desire?


Are the photos misleading, and has Ryan Davis been duped like your cousin who bought NFTs that are now worthless?


That's what I'd like you to find out in this full review of the Jasmine sex doll.

4,8 / 5

In short : With an average rating of 4.85 out of 89 reviews, Jasmine is THE benchmark curvy sex doll to get your hands on. Whether you're buying for the first time or looking to expand your collection, this is a top-quality model at an unbeatable price.

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 👍 I like ...

  • Curvy hourglass figure
  • Large H-Cup Breasts
  • Holes are tight and inviting
  • Flexible and loves to bend

👎 I like less ...

  • Quite heavy in weight
  • Slight smell on unpacking

In this review, I will review the following points:

  • The realism of her skin
  • How it feels sexually
  • Size, weight and depth of sexual orifices
  • The differences between anal and vaginal sex
  • The 2 strong points that take her from "ordinary" to "extraordinary
  • Focus on her weight: a blessing in disguise?
  • All her customization options
  • How to dress her and recommended sizes
  • How to clean and maintain it so that it stays with you for years to come


Of course, I'll conclude by giving you my final verdict and where to buy it at the best price AND from official retailers.

By the end of this article on the Jasmine sex doll, you'll have all the information you need to decide whether the model highlighted in Ryan Davis' video is right for you.

Rating of the Jasmine Sex Doll
  • Texture & Touch
  • Sensation of pleasure
  • Clothing
  • Personalization
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Manufacturer


True to her photos, Jasmine is stunningly realistic. Her skin is soft and detailed from her hands to her feet. She’s a versatile doll you can use for intercourse, companionship in bed or to comfort yourself after a hard day’s work.

Your relationship with women will change drastically: her big, bouncing breasts and firm ass are an invitation to beastly sex.

But don’t get hooked: you’ll never get used to having such a sexy woman in your bed, and she’ll never say long to an intense sex session.

Jasmine Sex Doll : Presentation

The Jasmine sex doll is marketed by WM Dolls, the leading company in this market for over 15 years.


She has quickly become the symbol of BBW dolls, with her well-defined curves, big breasts and enormous ass.


And understandably so: in addition to being their best-seller and considered by many customers to be "the world's best sex doll", she gained enormous popularity with the famous Ryan Davis video.


On paper, Jasmine has all the makings of an excellent model.


Made from high-quality TPE, 3 deep holes, affordable price...


With the appearance of a young woman of 25 - 27 and her enormous H-cup, you'd have to be difficult not to be sexually convinced.


163 cm tall and 107 lbs (48kg), it's all these aspects that make her look so realistic.

So does Jasmine live up to its promise?


We read on the forums that it radically changes the lives of its users, and that it can replace a woman on a daily basis.


So is the fantasy of having such a sexy woman in bed a myth or a reality? Let's find out!

Skin analysis, texture and feel

First of all, you need to know that Jasmine is made from high-quality TPE.

TPE has a number of advantages, including being inexpensive, long-lasting and a perfect replica of human skin.

In addition to being extremely soft, it's a supple, elastic material that returns to its original shape.

The result is a smooth skin that looks like a real young woman's skin. You can squeeze and pinch it without the slightest problem.


It's pleasant to stroke in bed, especially when it's warm.

It will take you a few minutes to transmit your body temperature to her if you don't choose the warming or heated blanket option.

WM Doll has really done a remarkable job on Jasmine, especially for her price! Even her make-up is professional and sexy.


She's a very detailed doll all over her body.

If you have a foot or hand fetish, you can't help but appreciate the work of the world's leading sex doll manufacturer!


To sum up, Jasmine's skin :

  • Is soft. More or less the same as a young woman's human skin
  • Will stand up to your wildest sex sessions
  • Suitable for spanking and slapping
  • Is elastic and springs back

Tip: I've read that some customers find it too porous.
If this is your case, don't hesitate to use corn flour. It works extremely well!


Now let's take a closer look at the pleasurable sensations Jasmine provides. After all, that's what you'd expect from a BBW sex doll!

Sensation of pleasure

WM Doll has lived up to its promise

The sex is realistic and truly pleasurable. You'll have no trouble reaching orgasm, whether with her ass or her vagina.


Her body is terribly exciting. That's partly thanks to her hourglass shape, sublimated by her huge ass and big breasts.

I've already mentioned her rather heavy weight as a negative, but I have to admit that it enhances the sensation of pleasure.

You really feel like you're fucking a real woman, and I think the excellent rating of 4.85/5 is partly due to this.

You can fuck Jasmine in 3 different ways

With its 3 holes, Jasmine is versatile and adapts to your desires.


Here are her depths:

  • Vaginal: 6.7in (17cm)
  • Anal: 6.7in (17cm)
  • Oral: 6in (15.2cm)


This is huge! An anal depth of 6.7in and an oral depth of 6in, that's not common.

big-ass sex doll lies on a couch with her arm over her head

When I said this doll was famous for long sex sessions, I wasn't lying...


That's a good thing, because whether you've got a small cock or a huge contraption between your legs, you'll have no trouble ejaculating.


There is, however, one small flaw concerning its orifices. I'll explain it right away.

Holes placement: could do better

What a shame!

The holes aren't positioned like in a real woman. The anus and vagina are several centimeters apart and that can be a problem.

It's a point that can be terribly frustrating if you love doggy style like I do.

The vagina is difficult to access from behind.

You really have to arch your back to get your dick in and to be able to fuck her properly. You'll have to sodomize her to reproduce the sensation of fucking a porn star.

In other positions, fortunately, it makes no difference!

What positions can Jasmine be used for?

In terms of maneuverability, you can still feel her 107 lbs. That's no mean feat!

If you consider yourself a person of limited strength, you're going to have a hard time moving her.


But that doesn't mean it can't be used in a variety of sexual positions, like this one:

  • Doggy style
  • Missionary
  • Cowgirl
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Standing
  • Lying
  • White Tiger

I'm not going to hide from you that the positions where Jasmine is on top of you are more difficult than the others (like the Cowgirl position) because of her weight, once again.


There's a helping hand involved, but it's not impossible to achieve an orgasm like that.


You should also be aware that Jasmine will be stiff the first few times you use it. This is perfectly normal.

Her EVO skeleton hasn't moved for several weeks, which leads to stiffness.


Don't worry, Jasmine will soften with time and you'll be able to handle it better.

Bouncy H-cup breasts

The Jasmine sex doll has huge breasts: they're an H-cup.

Like her skin, her breasts are pleasant to the touch.

They have the advantage of bouncing nicely and showing a little resistance when squeezed between your hands.


Personally, I love it!

Thanks to their imposing size, you can also perform breast masturbation, as long as you hold them tightly to maximize friction with your cock.


The color and size of the nipples are customizable and just begging to be nibbled.


Finally, you'll find that Jasmine's breasts bounce easily and move well. It's quite a thrill to see them sway as you fuck her.

I've never made love to a woman with huge breasts, but I know how it feels now!

A vagina ready for anything

6.7inch of pure bliss!

Jasmine is simply fantastic at this.


Once the inside of the vagina is hot enough, it's not long before the orgasm comes. It's a real pleasure!

There are plenty of rubbing points and it feels like every part of your cock is being stimulated.


It's amazing, the first time! There's a good chance that's when you'll be definitively convinced of your purchase.


However, I could criticise the realism of the lips. It's a very subjective opinion, but I find them a little too thin.

If you like cunnilingus, you might have the same feeling as me.

Jasmine Sex Doll : an ass for BBW lovers

Certainly the big highlight of this sex doll. Its huge ass!


Imagine feeling the buttocks of a toned woman who takes care of her ass at the gym.

It's all the same!


It's a combination of softness and firmness. You'll enjoy slapping it firmly and watching it bounce back into place.

Penetration-wise, the anal depth is 6.7in. That's way above average!

Generally speaking, sex dolls rarely exceed 5.9in.


Taking her doggy-style up the ass is divine.

The fantasy of fucking a little slut becomes a reality, and seeing those big buttocks sway as you pull your whole cock in gives an intense feeling of domination.


Tip: I STRONGLY recommend that you choose the "Standing Feet" option, otherwise Jasmine won't be able to stand.

You'll limit the possibilities and sexual positions enormously without this option, believe me!

An ideal mouth for deep throats

If you've always been frustrated by your sexual partner's fellatio, you won't be disappointed here.


Jasmine has an oral depth of 6in and even if your willy is longer, you'll still be able to enjoy the pleasure of watching it disappear.


There's no suction, which makes for a pleasant blowjob. The oral lips move well, giving a convincing result.

Whether you're making her swallow your cum or simply kissing her, you'll quickly forget that Jasmine is a sex doll.


Tip: you can personalize her mouth by adding a tongue or teeth.

Dimensions of Jasmine sex doll

There are lots of chubby and fat dolls out there, but I don't consider Jamine to be one.

She has been perfectly designed by WM Doll to have both an hourglass-shaped body and lovely curves.


Here are her exact dimensions:

  • Height – 5ft 4in (163cm).
  • Weight – 106.9lbs (48.5kg).
  • Breast Size – 37.8in (96cm).
  • Waist Size – 26.4in (67cm).
  • Hip Size – 43.3in (110cm).
  • Arm Length – 27.2in (69cm).
  • Leg Length – 29.5in (75cm).
  • Pussy Depth – 6.7in (17cm).
  • Anal Depth – 6.7in (17cm).
  • Mouth Depth – 6in (15.2cm).

BBW fans will already have noticed, her ass and hips are ballsy!


Her anal and buccal depths are very high too.

Generally speaking, sex dolls don't offer as much depth. That's why intercourse is so pleasurable and suitable for any type of cock.


Her weight should also be taken into account: 107 lbs is no mean feat.

Don't forget that Jasmine is a dead weight! You need to be in shape to handle her weight.


I'll tell you more about it in the next part of this test.

Jasmine’s weight: advantage or disadvantage?

Decried by some, adored by others; Jasmine's weight is the talk of the town.


I'll be blunt: yes, she weighs more than the average sex doll.

A model is generally considered imposing at 77 lbs and over. At 109 lbs, Jasmine is well above that.

The advantages of a 109 lbs weight

  • It makes the doll realistic. At 163 cm, you really feel like you're fucking a real woman.
  • Jasmine holds her position well. If you love rough, beastly sex, she'll take all your licks. Even with a dick over 20cm long and the strength of a boxer, Jasmine will stay firmly in position.

The disadvantages of a 109 lbs weight

  • She's hard to move. Depending on your health and strength, you may find it difficult to get her into bed.
  • Changing position is difficult, especially at first. You need to get the hang of it and know how to move it properly so you don't tire quickly.
  • If you have serious back problems, I wouldn't recommend buying Jasmine. At best, you won't be able to use it to its full potential. At worst, you could injure yourself.

That convinced me!

The Removable Vagina option

On lighter models, having a removable vagina isn't necessarily useful. But that's not the case here.

This is an option I strongly recommend you take. It will change your life!


The advantage of removable vaginas is that they're extremely easy to wash.

All you have to do is pull it out after cumming in her pussy and in 5 minutes, it's ready to use again.


On heavy sex dolls like Jasmine, you gain mind-blowing comfort of use.

I'm really glad WM Doll thought of this option.

Taking erotic photos

Opinions are unanimous: Jasmine is even more realistic in real life than in the photos on commercial websites.

I don't know if their camera was cheap or if they didn't make any effort, but there's a real difference!


You can have fun doing the test by taking a photo of just her body and posting it on social networks. No one will be able to tell it's a sex doll.

Visually and sensually, Jasmine looks very much like a real woman, and it's great fun to improvise photo shoots at home.


Tip: if you're into erotic photography, I'd advise you to choose the "Standing Feet" option so you can stand her up. Otherwise, you might get frustrated!

Dressing Jasmine sex doll: Limit is your imagination

Jasmine does not come with the outfit you see in the photos. She will arrive naked, no matter which website you order from!


On the Sexy Real Sex Dolls website, you can buy Jasmine's outfit as an option.

To find out all the differences between shopping sites, please consult my comparison chart.


To help you wait, I invite you to buy outfits in advance on Amazon or any other site.

That way, when your parcel arrives, you'll already be able to dress her in sexy clothes!

You can dress her in size M if you like her tight in her clothes.

Otherwise, a size L will fit her perfectly and hug her lovely curves.


As for bra size, you have 2 options:

  • A size C or D to give her enormous cleavage
  • A size E or F to give her a normal look


One is not better than the other: it all depends on your tastes and preferences!

Over 25 ways to customize Jasmine!

Jasmine offers a wide range of personalization options.

Depending on the site you order her from, you'll have a number of different options.


To make your choice as easy as possible, I've listed all the differences between the websites I recommend.

The Doll Channel ($1799) Sexy Real Sex Doll ($1839) Kumadoll ($1930)
Different Head No Yes Yes
Extra Head No Yes No
Body Painting No Yes +$150
TPE Grade +$25 - $49 No No
Skin color Yes Yes Yes
Articulated Hands Yes Yes Yes
Wigs Yes Yes Yes
Extra Wigs +$25 No No
Eyes Color Yes Yes Yes
Extra Eyes +$25 No No
Fingernails Yes Yes Yes
Toenails Yes Yes Yes
Stand-Up Feet +$59 +$75 +$50
Shoulders Upgrade +$69 Yes No
Enhanced Mouth +$59 No No
Gel Breasts +$99 Yes +$70
Areola Size Yes No Yes
Areola Color Yes Yes Yes
Removable vagina Yes Yes Yes
Labia Color Yes Yes Yes
Pubic Hair +$59 +$90 +$70
Pubic Hair Colour Yes No No
Removable Tongue No +$50 +$70
Tongue and Teeth Kit +$99 +$70 +$120
Moaning No No +$150
Heating No No +$150
Cleaning Kit +$399 +$350 No
Flight Case +$699 +$649 No
Inspection Service +$149 No No


Caring for your love doll: cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning part is never your favorite.


Yet it's crucial if you want to keep your Jasmine sex doll intact over the long term and continue having fun with her.


I sincerely believe that you can reduce the lifespan of your model by 2 if you don't take care of it.


Here are a few good practices you can adopt to take care of Jasmine without spending hours on it or getting into trouble:


1) Use a small sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the holes.

2) Don't hesitate to use forceps to reach the bottom of the orifices, especially the vagina and its 17cm depth.

3) Rinse with warm water.

4) Use a dry sponge or soft cloth to dry the openings completely.

5) Finish by applying baby powder to the outside of the orifice.


Don't forget that Jasmine is heavy and difficult to move.

To make cleaning infinitely easier and quicker, I highly recommend the optional removable vagina.


It'll change your life!


If cleaning her is a real chore, you'll stop doing it after a few weeks or even days.


Sexy Real Sex Doll sells the official WM Doll cleaning kit for $350.

The Doll Channel sells their personal kit for $399

Yes, it's quite expensive! You might think it's a gadget accessory, but believe me, it's not.

It's like mixing cake batter with a fork or a food processor.


The difference is obvious.


Finally, don't hesitate to ask the sales team for personalized advice on how to look after your doll. They are the best qualified to give you the right answer.

Verdict: is the Jasmine Sex Doll right for you?

My review of the Jasmine sex doll is very positive.

Versatile and easy to use, she's perfect for small, medium and big dicks.


The first time you lay eyes on her, you'll be blown away by her realism. It's even better than the pictures!


With its curved shape and BBW look, it's no wonder it's the bestseller from WM Doll, the leading manufacturer of sex dolls.


Penetration, whether vaginal, anal or oral, is pleasurable and realistic. Reaching orgasm is easy as every mm² of your penis is stimulated.

Her big ass and huge breasts are an invitation to slap and spank. They spring back into place thanks to their elasticity. It's a visual feast!


Made famous by Ryan Davis' video, the Jasmine sex doll is made from high-quality TPE, making her skin very soft to the touch. Long nighttime cuddles will comfort you after a long day's work, that's for sure.


Its biggest drawback remains its weight. At 106 lbs, it's hard to carry, and changing its position can be difficult when first used.

Yes, it will stay in place when you fuck it. The feeling of making wild love to a real woman is divine; but you need to be at least a little strong to exploit its full potential.

Her weight makes positions where Jasmine is on top of you difficult, and her holes may be less widely spaced. Taking Jasmine by the pussy doggy-style is not very natural because of this.


Despite these minor shortcomings, this is an excellent model for a first purchase or to add to your collection. Lovers of shapes and BBWs, you're about to give your sex life a new lease of life!


It's priced between $1799 and $1930 depending on official sellers, and you have over 25 different customization options.


It's excellent value for money. The 87 customers who gave it an average rating of 4.85/5 bear witness to this.

If you'd like to find out more, go directly to the manufacturer's website.

Where to buy Jasmine Sex Doll ?

You can buy Jasmine on 3 different websites.

Each of them is a WM Dolls certified seller.


They all have their differences and advantages:


1) The Doll Channel: The least expensive. Ideal if you don't want to personalize your doll at all OR if you want to personalize her to the hilt (even if it means paying the price).


2) Sexy Real Sex Dolls: Excellent after-sales service. SRSD is there for you, and will make sure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase. They also offer an optional Jasmine outfit and WM Doll cleaning kit.


3) Kumadoll: Great for its sound effects and warming options. If realistic sex is your #1 priority, I recommend Kumadoll.


For more details on customization options, I invite you to read my summary table.


Jasmine is rated 4.85/5 by over 89 certified customers on the manufacturer's website.


Ask me all your questions and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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