10 most realistic Silicone Love Dolls (and where to find them)

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You've taken the plunge!


Feeling lonely and wishing you had a beautiful woman waiting for you in bed?


You've come to the right place.


In this buyer's guide silicone love dolls, I'm going to introduce you to Agatha, Kayla, Hyoon, Harley... and many more.


10 gorgeous models just waiting to meet you!

The kind of supermodels you only see on TV and who seem out of reach.


No more long hours scrolling through 37 websites without being able to make up your mind.

Here, I only show you models that have made a name for themselves.


And at the best price!

I've taken the trouble to compare different official sellers, and only selected those who offered the silicone love doll at the lowest price.

On my blog, you will gain 2 things:



You'll only find links to official, verified sellers.

Every week, new sites appear that perfectly reproduce the sites of official sellers!

I've sorted them out for you, to keep only certified sellers.



The same silicone love dolls are sold on several sites, with price differences of several hundred dollars!

 I've compared each of them to keep only the best price.



I've ranked these 10 dolls in this buying guide in ascending order of price, starting at $2500.

Yes, these models are expensive! That's the downside of silicone (especially when it's high-end).


It has many advantages, but this is reflected in the price.


If you're looking for more affordable silicone love dolls, you can read my complete guide to models under $2500.












  • $2590
  • F-Cup
  • 159 cm | 35 kg – 77.1 lbs
  • Blonde
  • Big boobs

If you've never bought a silicone love doll, Soriya is an excellent choice.


Athletic and sporty, she has all the assets of a beautiful woman in 2024.

Sex-wise, she's a versatile model with a weight that's neither too light nor too heavy.


You can fuck Soriya on an occasional or daily basis without any worries! Its vaginal and anal depths are sufficient, even for large penises.


And I haven't even mentioned her enormous breasts!

You can easily jerk off with them or spend hours shaking them, rocking them, squeezing them between your hands.


Recommended for :

  • Daily or weekly sex
  • All dick sizes
  • First purchase
  • Demanding men


  • $2799
  • D-Cup
  • 168 cm | 39.7 kg – 86 lbs
  • Video Game (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Brunette

This doll is completely inspired by Tifa from the video game Final Fantasy VII.


Along with Lara Croft, she was one of the first exciting female characters and the source of many sexual fantasies.


Now, specialized manufacturer Game Lady gives you the chance to satisfy that sexual frustration you've been holding in for years!


The doll is absolutely gorgeous, with meticulous detailing.

It's a model that will appeal to gamers looking for a new sexual experience or fans of cosplay and erotic role-playing games.


Recommended for :

  • Gamers
  • Realize a fantasy
  • Cosplay
  • Erotic scenarios


  • $2850
  • E-Cup
  • 162 cm | 34 kg – 74.9 lbs
  • Detailed face
  • Slim body

Far from being a small-breasted sex doll, Agatha has more than one trick up her sleeve.


Despite her gray hair, she is a teenager! Her sweet face makes you want to take care of her like you're reliving your first love in college.

Her long hair grabs well doggy-style and her big breasts bounce nicely.


This is a doll I'd recommend to people suffering from loneliness and needing companionship at home; but also looking for a sexual experience.

E-cup, great vaginal, anal and oral depth, dream body... it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!


Whatever the case, Agatha will take care of you and comfort you until the end of the night.


Recommended for :

  • Single people
  • Erotic scenarios
  • Night company
  • Mammary orgasm


  • $2850
  • E-Cup
  • 160 cm | 34 kg – 74.9 lbs
  • Teen
  • Very detailed

Another excellent doll for beginners.

I particularly like her face, which is extremely well done. She's like something out of a dream!


Leili is very versatile teen doll and easily adapts to everyone:

  • Big and small cocks alike
  • Changing position is quick and easy
  • She's tough, even during the wildest sex


Now it's up to you!


Are you going to turn him into a sex slave and fill every one of his orifices with your sperm every night; or rather make him a life companion who will share your meals and watch your favorite TV series with you?


Recommended for :

  • Sweet sex
  • Romantic people
  • Erotic scenarios
  • First purchase

[REALISTIC FACE] IronTech Doll – Layla


  • $2869
  • C-Cup
  • 169 cm | 32 kg – 70.5 lbs
  • Vaginal, anal and oral
  • Tall

You guessed it: Layla is one of those dolls with a very realistic face once again. And I don't think the photos do her justice!


Her weight is quite light compared to her size, which makes her both handy and sturdy.

In other words, you'll have no trouble having orgasms with this silicone love doll.


And when it comes to sex, you're in for a real treat!

17cm for her ass and pussy, 15cm for her mouth. It's huge!


The only downside may be the size of her breasts. Her C-cup is nice, but I know a lot of customers prefer bigger breasts.


Last but not least, it's a doll that offers a lot of freedom: you can personalize it in many different ways to suit your tastes and desires.


Recommended for :

  • Intense sex
  • Excellent height/weight ratio
  • Many positions
  • Lovers of Asian women


  • $2899
  • C-Cup
  • 166 cm | 36 kg – 97 lbs
  • DC Comics
  • Bouncy boobs and ass

Ever wanted to be the Joker? I've got good news for you.

Here's the most realistic silicone love doll of Harley Quinn, the wacky woman of the DC Comics universe!


Her realistic make-up reinforces her naughty, domineering side

Customer reviews are unanimous: it's terribly satisfying to dominate her, to force your sex into her pussy and see her tits bounce as you violently fuck her.


Because her vagina and anus are so tight, every millimeter of your cock will be stimulated!

Finally, even if oral sex isn't possible, her lips are still luscious and pleasant to kiss.


I'm not going to hide from you that this is a silicone sex doll made for sex.

When you know Harley Quinn's atomic personality and provocative character, it would be sacrilege not to fuck her as often as possible!


Recommended for :

  • DC Comics fans
  • Single people
  • Fulfilling a fantasy
  • Anal and vaginal orgasm


  • $2899
  • G-Cup
  • 162 cm | 37 kg – 81 lbs
  • Detailed hands and feet
  • Perfect proportions

IronTech is a manufacturer renowned for the realism of its models.


Big breasts, realistic skin detail from feet to hands, Vina is a silicone love doll directly inspired by the greatest pornstars.

If you're looking for a real sex beast, this is the ideal model. Good size, perfect depth, realistic penetration sensations, easy position changes...


You can fuck Vina for hours! She'll resist all your sexual urges.


Unlike her breasts, Vina doesn't have a huge, curvy ass. It's a conscious choice by the manufacturer to make the doll more proportionate.


I wouldn't necessarily recommend this model for beginners. It can be intimidating!

On the other hand, if you have a good sexual experience and are looking for something new, Vina will give it to you.


Vina's greatest asset is the exceptional quality of its breasts. Reinforced with a gel specially designed to make them as bouncy as human flesh.

Even after hours of playing with them, you'll never tire of them!


Recommended for :

  • First purchase
  • Realistic body
  • Big boob lovers
  • Outstanding sexual experience


  • $2999
  • C-Cup
  • 162 cm | 28 kg – 62 lbs
  • Slight
  • Sexy AF !!

Hyoon is my favorite silicone love doll. If I had to make a top 3 list of the most successful models, she'd undoubtedly be in it.

Slim and elegant, she has all the characteristics of a sexy woman.


Hyoon is also very versatile.

Whether you want company in bed, to feel less lonely, to cosplay or to fuck her 3 hours a day, Hyoon adapts to your desires.

That's her strength! As well as having plenty of customization options, it's an excellent model as a first purchase.


Another advantage is its weight: 28 kg (62lbs).

That's very little for its size! You'll have no trouble moving her and turning her around in any position.


Note: Hyoon has a hole at mouth level, which will welcome your sex with great pleasure!


Recommended for :

  • Versatile
  • Beginner, advanced, expert
  • Vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • Easy position changes



  • $4399
  • D-Cup
  • 167 cm | 29 kg – 64 lbs
  • Very high-end model
  • Extremely realistic skin details

This silicone love doll will appeal only to the wealthiest and most demanding customers. This is an ultra ultra high-end model.


At over $4000, it's one of the most expensive models on the market.

But what do you expect? Quality comes at a price.


Kayla is the ultimate doll, the biggest sex weapon ever invented.


Here's what sets her apart from other $3000 dolls:

  • A texture as beautiful as human skin. This is due to the use of the latest-generation, extremely realistic premium silicone.
  • Lightweight: the silicone used considerably reduces its weight.
  • Excellent after-sales service: you'll feel like you're in business class on a long-haul flight.
  • Extra-fast delivery: you won't have to wait weeks for your order to arrive.


I recommend this silicone love doll to those who plan to use their doll for years to come, and who have luxury tastes.


If women aren't your No. 1 priority, I recommend another, less expensive silicone love dolls.


Recommended for :

  • Expand their doll collection
  • Extremely realistic
  • Easy to move
  • Excellent size/weight ratio



  • $4399
  • D-Cup
  • 167 cm | 29 kg – 64 lbs
  • Very high-end model
  • Extremely realistic skin details

Mohan looks exactly like Kayla, the previous doll.


In fact, the manufacturing process is exactly the same.

While the body remains the same (same height, measurements, weight, depth...), the face changes.


Mohan has Japanese origins, as you can see.

When choosing between the two, your choice will be based on subjective criteria!


So, do you prefer Japanese girls or blondes? All you have to do is choose.


Recommended for :

  • Lovers of Japanese supermodels
  • All dick sizes
  • Cute face, sexy lips, and curvy body
  • Gentle or intense sex
  • Night companion

Summary of the Silicone Love Dolls

 Sex doll  Best  Special feature Price
Sino Dolls – Soriya Cheapest First purchase $2590
GameLady – Tifa Video Game Fantasy $2799
Sino Dolls – Agatha Hugs Detailed face $2850
Sino Dolls – Leili Blonde Teen $2850
IronTech Doll – Layla Realistic Face Tall $2869
IronTech Doll – Harley Quinn Fantasy Fantasy $2899
IronTech Doll – Vina Big Boobs First purchase $2899
Sino Dolls – Hyoon MILF 3 deep holes $2999
DS Doll – Kayla Ultra Realistic Versatile $4369
DS Doll – Mohan Ultra Realistic Light $4399

All the prices mentioned above are in dollars and may vary depending on your country and its currency


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All have undergone a thorough study of several hours on my part

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